Job Creator Bills Help California Economy Grow

2023 CalChamber Business Issues and Legislative Guide

Job Creator Bills Help California Economy Grow

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Job Creators

Alongside the California Chamber of Commerce list of job killer legislation is the job creator bill list. Since 2008, the CalChamber has identified and strongly supported legislation that will stimulate the economy and improve the state’s jobs climate. The Business Issues and Legislative Guide explains the policies that would improve California’s business climate and nurture our economy—the principles that determine which bills are job creators. If adopted, job creator legislation would encourage employers to invest resources back into our economy and their local communities rather than spend on unnecessary government-imposed costs. Job creating legislation promotes the following policies:

• Keeping taxes on new investment and business operations low, fair, stable and predictable.

• Reviving local economic development tools.

• Reducing regulatory and litigation costs of operating a business—especially when hiring and keeping employees.

• Reducing the cost and improving the certainty and stability of investing in new or expanded plants, equipment and technology.

• Investing in public and private works that are the backbone for economic growth.

• Ensuring the availability of high-quality skilled employees.

Signed into Law

Among the 32 job creators signed into law to date are bills:

• Protecting employees and employers from being sued for defamation in sexual harassment cases simply for reporting and investigating harassment.

• Giving employers a limited opportunity to cure technical violations in an itemized wage statement before being subject to costly litigation.

• Reforming disability access requirements and limiting frivolous litigation related to disability access compliance.

• Expediting the environmental review process for projects related to energy or roadway improvements, repair and maintenance.

• Creating a predictable and easy-to-track schedule for implementing new regulations.

• Extending and expanding the film and television tax credit.

• Stopping drive-by Proposition 65 lawsuits for alleged failure to post specific required warnings.

• Repealing a retroactive tax on small business investors.

• Encouraging aerospace projects to locate in California.

• Restoring funding to the California Competes Tax Credit Program.

• Increasing loan access for small business.

• Helping businesses rebuild after disasters by allowing state agencies to establish a procedure to reduce licensing fees for businesses affected by a federal- or state-declared emergency.

Removing regulatory hurdles makes it easier for California employers to create the jobs needed to maintain the state’s economic recovery.

Updates on the job creator bills appear at

January 2023