Ballot Measures


November 2020 Ballot Measures

The California Chamber Board of Directors has adopted positions on the following ballot measures.

  • Proposition 15. Split Roll Property Tax. Initiative Constitutional Amendment. CalChamber Opposes.
  • Proposition 20. Restricts Parole for Non-Violent Offenders. Authorizes Felony Sentences for Certain Offenses Currently Treated Only as Misdemeanors. Initiative Statute. CalChamber Supports.
  • Proposition 21. Expands Local Governments’ Authority to Enact Rent Control on Residential Property. Initiative Statute. CalChamber Opposes.
  • Proposition 22. Changes Employment Classification Rules for App-Based Transportation and Delivery Drivers. Initiative Statute. CalChamber Supports.

Future Elections

Upcoming Ballot Measures (10/18/19)

The website of the Secretary of State contains more information on these and other pending initiatives, as well as measures in circulation and measures that have qualified for the ballot.

Initiative Coalitions

When the legislative process fails, pro-business and anti-business forces turn to the initiative process to take proposals directly to California voters. The California Chamber of Commerce has led the charge on behalf of the employer community for close to four decades.

There’s a reason the Wall Street Journal dubbed CalChamber President and CEO Allan Zaremberg “coalition man.” As a practical matter, the CalChamber’s chief executive is recruited to chair major initiative campaigns, to lead the fundraising and to serve as spokesperson for these important efforts.

The CalChamber has been extremely successful with the support of the broader employer community.CalChamber has backed initiatives to enact tax relief and tort reform, and make politicians more accountable to voters. We have successfully challenged split roll property tax proposals and defeated security litigation.

We will continue to lead efforts to fight anti-business proposals, including those that threaten to increase taxes, health care expenses and frivolous lawsuits.


CalBusPacThe California Business Political Action Committee (CalBusPAC) was established in 1976 to qualify, support and/or oppose statewide ballot initiatives. Contributions to CalBusPAC will aid California employers in preparing for future ballot battles.

November 2018 Ballot Measures

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June 2018 Ballot Measures

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Employee Communications

Informing your employees and stockholders about the impact of proposed state legislation, regulations and ballot measures is within your rights as a business owner. Just remember to do it the right way.