Unemployment Insurance


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Unemployment Insurance

Position: As we grapple with COVID-19 and the economic shockwaves it has sent through the California economy, California must weigh the ability of the battered business community to absorb a tax increase when considering changes to UI benefits. Before any such change can be considered, EDD must demonstrate that it has found new solutions to prevent theft and ensure that UI benefits are being distributed to those Californians who actually are in need.

Unemployment Insurance

Major Victories

Worked with author to make bill requiring electronic filing of unemployment insurance tax returns less onerous than originally proposed (AB 1245 of 2015).

Stopped an unemployment insurance tax increase that would have created a disincentive to hire new employees by tripling the already-high unemployment insurance taxes on California employers without a proper analysis of what is needed to reform California’s broken unemployment insurance system (SB 222 of 2009).

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