Executive Team

Executive Team

President and Chief Executive Officer

Jennifer Barrera
President and Chief Executive Officer

Laurie Lively, Executive Assistant to the President

Executive Vice Presidents

Gretel Tortolani

Finance: Gretel Tortolani, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
The Finance Department is responsible for interpreting and reporting all financial information timely and accurately, controlling and protecting assets, and maintaining a sound and reliable computer system and hardware infrastructure for CalChamber.

Ben Golombek

Government Relations: Ben Golombek, Executive Vice President and Chief of Staff for Policy
The Public Policy Unit is responsible for all public policy and regulatory legislative issues. Policy staff also direct the work of CalChamber policy committees.

Denise Davis

Communications: Denise Davis, Executive Vice President, Communications
The Communications team ensures that the CalChamber’s positions on public policy issues — in the legislative, regulatory or judicial arenas — are well-known to the media and to the public.


Public Affairs: Martin R. Wilson, Executive Vice President, Public Affairs
The Public Affairs Department is responsible for the CalChamber’s political activities, including its Public Affairs Council, ChamberPAC, CalBusPAC and JobsPAC, as well as the Candidate Recruitment and Development Program.

Executive Team

Karen Mendoza

Business Services: Karen Mendoza, Senior Vice President, Business Services
The Business Services Division offers high-quality compliance solutions for businesses and HR professionals designed to save them time and money. The division also supports thousands of members who trust CalChamber to help them navigate through the complexities of California employment law.


Communications: Ann Amioka, Vice President, Communications
The Communications Department is responsible for producing CalChamber’s legislative publications and related communications, including Alert.


Corporate Affairs: Drew Savage, Vice President, Corporate Relations
Corporate Relations focuses on working with the CalChamber’s larger members, and those companies and individuals whose primary interest is affecting public policy at the highest levels.

Nicole Wasylkiw

General Counsel: Nicole Wasylkiw, General Counsel
The General Counsel’s office provides oversight and advice on areas having an impact on the organization, including corporate legal and regulatory compliance, intellectual property, privacy, contracts and governmental affairs. The office manages the Amicus and Legal Defense Program and collaborates with outside counsel and other organizations and businesses when participating in litigation affecting California businesses and employers.

Hilda Watson

Human Resources: Hilda Watson, Vice President, Human Resources
The Human Resources (HR) Department is responsible for managing, administering and ensuring compliance across multiple areas, including recruitment, compensation, training, benefits, employee relations, retention, and performance management. HR also plays a key role in designing and implementing the organization structure as well as managing the people who work within it.

Susanne Stirling

International Trade: Susanne Thorsen Stirling, Vice President, International Affairs
The department’s priority issues include support for negotiating fair and equitable market access for state agricultural and manufactured products, as well as services.

Bianca N. Saad

Legal Affairs: Bianca N. Saad, General Counsel, Labor and Employment
The Legal Affairs Department reviews and participates in court cases having a broad impact on California’s economy and business climate. Members of the legal affairs team also produce CalChamber compliance materials and lead its training sessions.

Nick Ortiz

Small Business Policy Center: Nick Ortiz, Vice President, Small Business Advocacy
The CalChamber Small Business Policy Center was created in October 2023 to focus on mobilizing the power of small businesses in grassroots advocacy at the State Capitol. The center works with the Local Chamber Relations Department, which offers chamber executives a resource they can call to get information on a wide variety of local chamber management issues.

California Foundation for Commerce and Education


Loren Kaye

Loren Kaye, President
The California Foundation for Commerce and Education is affiliated with the California Chamber of Commerce and serves as a “think tank” for the California business community. The Foundation is dedicated to preserving and strengthening the California business climate and private enterprise