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Most ‘Job Killer’ Bills Bite the Dust Again
Despite the influence of COVID-19 and recession, the California Chamber of Commerce maintained its record of defeating “job killer” bills. Dan Walters in CalMatters

Business Targets COVID-19 Bills as ‘Job Killers’
Annually, the four groups would introduce their legislative agendas and the California Chamber of Commerce, the state’s leading business lobby, would choose a few dozen of those it considered to be most costly or bothersome and label them “job killers.” Dan Walters in CALmatters, 05/18/20

CalChamber Releases its Annual List of “Job Killer” Bills Proposed by the California Legislature
The California Chamber of Commerce has just identified 10 recently introduced “job killer” bills that have been proposed by the California legislature.The National Law Review, 05/18/20

Certainty for PG&E Ratepayers Is Crucial in These Uncertain Times
Californians rely on affordable and dependable electricity supplies. Response to and mitigation of catastrophic wildfires, aggressive climate policies, and increasing costs to modernize infrastructure have already pushed electricity rates in California to some of the highest in the nation. Key to stabilizing energy rates will be ensuring the solvency and future health of the essential companies that provide that energy.Allan Zaremberg in San Francisco Chronicle, 04/24/20

COVID-19 Warrants CCPA Enforcement Delay, Calif. AG Told
While the landmark California Consumer Privacy Act took effect Jan. 1, Attorney General Xavier Becerra isn’t allow to start bringing enforcement actions until July 1. But in a letter sent to the regulator Tuesday, the California Chamber of Commerce, UPS, the Internet Coalition, the Association of National Advertisers and 30 others called for this looming deadline to be pushed back to Jan. 2, 2021. Law360, 03/19/20

Legal Marijuana Use Still Costs People Jobs. A New California Bill Takes on the Issue
“Allowing drug use in the workplace — including requiring an employer to accommodate an employee’s marijuana use — could jeopardize the safety of other workers as well as the public,” the Chamber said in a statement this month. Los Angeles Times, 02/19/20

Employers Score Another Hit Against AB 51 as Preliminary Injunction Extends Prohibition on Enforcement by State of California
In the span of five weeks, a coalition of plaintiffs representing national and state business organizations and employers, including the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the California Chamber of Commerce, have gone two for two in challenging AB 51 to restore the previous status quo permitting the use of arbitration agreements with their employees. The National Law Review, 02/13/20

Why Jurassic Park Star Jeff Goldblum Wants California to Ban Even More Plastics
The California Chamber of Commerce opposed the legislation, citing a “lack of infrastructure that is critical for manufacturers to comply and meet the recycling rates and dates,” in a pair of Sept. 9 letters. The Sacramento Bee, 01/22/20

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