Encourage increased travel to California by fostering investment in advertising and improvements to tourism infrastructure, considering the important role of tourism in the state’s economy and plans for economic recovery.

Major Victories

Supported legislation signed into law that will create construction jobs building travel infrastructure (SB 1192 of 2010).

Backed a tourism industry effort that won approval of legislation in 2006 providing a significant boost to funding to market California as a travel destination (AB 2592), helping the fourth largest employers in the state compete with other states and nations in attracting travelers and the resulting revenues and jobs.

Issue Summary

Tourism in California

Position: The California Chamber of Commerce supports policies that increase and protect travel and tourism within and to the state to continue to stimulate the economy and provide jobs to Californians. This includes supporting policies that fund tourism-friendly programs, including Visit California and tourism improvement districts.

In addition, we support new incentive programs to bring significant events or attractions to California. When considering legislation that increases costs, burdens, and litigation on businesses, the Legislature should consider the negative impact such laws can have on the tourism industry and ultimately California’s economy.
Tourism in California

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