Legal Affairs Staff

Legal Affairs Staff

The Legal Affairs Department, through the team’s active involvement on the front lines of California’s legal and labor law compliance scene, is the first to know when and how changes in law affect employers. The California Chamber of Commerce expanded the Legal Affairs Department in 2011 to strengthen its ability to represent the business perspective in court battles.

Bianca N. Saad – General Counsel, Labor and Employment

Bianca N. Saad, a member of the CalChamber legal affairs team since April 2018, was named general counsel, labor and employment in October 2023. Since mid-November 2021, she has been developing and leading the content and training strategy for existing and emerging products and training, as well as overseeing CalChamber associate general counsel and subject matter experts.

She serves as a co-presenter for CalChamber compliance seminars and webinars.

Matthew J. Roberts

Matthew J. Roberts – Associate General Counsel, Labor and Employment

Matthew J. Roberts, a member of the CalChamber legal affairs team since July 2019, was named associate general counsel, labor and employment in October 2023.

He explains California and federal labor and employment laws to CalChamber members and customers, and has served as manager of the Labor Law Helpline since October 2021.

Erika Barbara

Erika M. Barbara – Senior Employment Law Counsel

Erika M. Barbara rejoined the CalChamber team in April 2024 as senior employment law counsel, continuing her career of helping employers navigate the ever-changing landscape of California employment law.

She will be co-presenting seminars and webinars, conducting in-person harassment prevention training, and providing guidance to employers on employment issues through the CalChamber Labor Law Helpline and compliance publications. Barbara fulfilled similar responsibilities while serving as CalChamber employment law counsel from 2015 to 2019.

James W. Ward

James W. Ward – Employment Law Subject Matter Expert/Legal Writer and Editor

James W. Ward joined the CalChamber in June 2019 as an employment law subject matter expert/legal writer and editor.

In that position, he enhances the ongoing efforts of the CalChamber legal affairs team to explain for nonlawyers how statutes, regulations and court cases affect California businesses and employers.

Vanessa GreeneVanessa M. Greene – Employment Law Subject Matter Expert

Vanessa M. Greene joined the CalChamber legal affairs team in January 2024.

She combines her extensive knowledge of employment law and human resources to offer comprehensive compliance guidance.


Legal Affairs

The Legal Affairs Department reviews and participates in court cases having a broad impact on California’s economy and business climate.

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