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CalChamber committees are responsible for forming CalChamber policies. CalChamber policy guides the CalChamber’s legislative advocates as they lobby on matters that concern California businesses. Membership in committees is open to representatives from CalChamber Advocate-level member companies.

The committees:

  • Draft and recommend policies to the CalChamber Board of Directors.
  • The policy becomes official when adopted by the Board.
  • Each committee focuses on a subject (or related subjects) of concern to business.

Policy Committees

Fosters greater business involvement to improve both teacher and student performance and administrative accountability in schools throughout California.
Staff Contact: Robert Moutrie

Environmental Policy
Oversees issues related to the environment, such as air quality, climate change and AB 32 implementation, energy, the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), Proposition 65 and green chemistry, hazardous and solid waste, surface mining and land use issues. Recommends policies that meet the mutual objectives of protecting human health and the environment while conserving the financial resources of business to the fullest extent possible in order to help California businesses grow and promote their technologies/services.
Staff Contact: Adam Regele

Food and Agriculture
Shapes policy impacting the entire food and agricultural supply chain, from growing and distribution to packaging, transportation, retail and end of life management.
Staff Contact: Brenda Bass

Health Care Policy
Promotes a sound and affordable health care system. Works to contain costs and avoid unnecessary and expensive regulatory controls, including mandates.
Staff Contact: Preston R. Young

Supports housing policies that focus on increasing California’s housing supply for the benefit of all Californians’ quality of life.
Staff Contact: Adam Regele

Recommends policies on issues concerning immigration.
Staff Contact: Robert Moutrie

Labor and Employment/Workers’ Compensation
Works to protect employers’ rights to direct and manage their companies’ employees in an efficient, safe and productive manner. Promotes legislative, judicial and regulatory actions that maintain an efficient workers’ compensation system that provides adequate worker benefits while protecting the competitive position of California employers.
Staff Contact: Ashley Hoffman

Legal Reform and Protection
Seeks comprehensive tort reform legislation that will halt runaway liability risk and promote greater fairness, efficiency and economy in the civil justice system.
Staff Contact: Robert Moutrie

Privacy and Cybersecurity
Proactively develop and promote privacy principles and policies that protect consumers without stifling innovation and that avoid costly and unnecessary legal liability and compliance burdens on businesses.
Staff Contact: Ronak Daylami

Monitors legislation and regulatory activity to ensure that California tax laws are fair and can be administered easily. Reviews state spending plans to make certain that economy and efficiency are the primary goals of government.
Staff Contact: Preston R. Young

Encourages increased travel to California by fostering investment in advertising and improvements to tourism infrastructure, considering the important role of tourism in the state’s economy and plans for economic recovery.
Staff Contact: Robert Moutrie

Transportation and Infrastructure
Works toward developing and maintaining a statewide transportation network that is adequate for the needs of business, agriculture and individual citizens.
Staff Contact: Ben Golombek

Water Resources
Encourages responsible water quality goals and water development policies to meet the increasing demand for reliable water supplies.
Staff Contact: Brenda Bass


Workplace Safety
Advocates cost-effective and practical safety and health regulations while protecting the competitive position of California employers. (Subcommittee of Labor and Employment/Workers’ Compensation Committee)
Staff Contact: Robert Moutrie

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