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Daily Headlines May 30, 2024

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Today’s Top Story

The Workplace PodcastThe Workplace Podcast: Key 2024 Court Cases Affecting Employers
In this episode of The Workplace podcast, CalChamber Associate General Counsel Matthew Roberts and Employment Law Subject Matter Expert Vanessa Greene discuss three recent court cases that affect employers: Huerta v. CSI Electrical Contractors, Naranjo v. Spectrum Security Services, Inc., and Muldrow v. City of St. Louis.

Top California News

  • Gavin Newsom Warns Against Perils of Over-Regulating AI
    Gov. Gavin Newsom warned on Wednesday against stifling the burgeoning artificial intelligence sector, sending a signal to Democratic lawmakers who are advancing dozens of AI bills in the state Legislature. “I don’t want to cede this space to other states or other countries,” Newsom said during a daylong AI event in San Francisco. Politico (No subscription required)
  • California’s Push for EVs Could Hit Farmworker Safety
    …But CalVans says it is subject to a requirement for local government agencies to replace all fleets with zero-emission vehicles by 2035. Not only do rural areas lack enough chargers, but also electric vans cost more than $90,000 — nearly double their gas counterparts. CalMatters (No subscription required)

Top National, International News

  • US Economic Growth Last Quarter Is Revised Down From 1.6% Rate to 1.3%, but Consumers Kept Spending
    The U.S. economy grew at a sluggish 1.3% annual pace from January through March, the weakest quarterly rate since the spring of 2022, the government said Thursday in a downgrade from its previous estimate. Consumer spending rose but at a slower pace than previously thought, a sign that high interest rates and lingering inflation are pressuring household budgets. The Associated Press (No subscription required)
  • Landing a Job Is All About Who You Know (Again)
    …Who-you-know networking is back. As the number of job applicants has swelled in recent years, the key to landing a new position often turns on a personal connection that can pluck your résumé out of online obscurity and ensure it’s seen by a real person. The Wall Street Journal (Subscription required)

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