Letter to Readers

2022 Business Issues Guide

Letter to Readers

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Dear Reader:

California employers, entrepreneurs and small businesses have been working hard to bring the state back from the pandemic. To keep the positive momentum going, the California Chamber of Commerce offers our Agenda for California Recovery.

We strongly encourage policy makers to exercise restraint in tackling the concerns of California residents. The recommendations outlined in this issues guide include:

• Stop the recently revived single-payer health care proposal and the multibillion-dollar, government bureaucracy it would create.

• Forgo expensive new mandates for employer-provided benefits. The state’s second consecutive record budget surplus can be used instead to pay for many of the benefits that legislative proposals have attempted to impose on business.

• Maintain exemptions in state privacy law that avert negative unintended consequences for both workers and employers.

• Slow the rush to adopt more greenhouse gas rules and return to the earlier consensus to use market forces to find the most cost-effective way to deal with climate change.

• Reject proposals that would increase the price or reduce the supply of housing.

We encourage you to use the mobile-friendly CalChamber grassroots website to tell your elected representatives how policy proposals will affect your business. The site at impact-california.com features easy-to-edit sample letters and tools to help CalChamber members and other interested parties share their concerns with lawmakers. You also can sign up to be notified when your actions will have the most impact on deliberations in Sacramento.

Collaboration remains a powerful force in today’s global economy. With your active support, we are optimistic that together we can keep California moving toward recovery.