Letter to Reader

2021 Business Issues Guide

Letter to Reader

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Dear Reader:

To help the state advance from the most tumultuous year in recent memory, the California Chamber of Commerce presents an Agenda for California Recovery.

Our advice on how policy makers can put the state on the path to keep its place as a global leader includes the following recommendations:

• Stop taking California’s success for granted.

• Reduce the day-to-day cost of living for working Californians.

• Update laws to provide flexibility for employers and employees to meet the needs of the modern workforce.

To let policy makers know your thoughts on how to guide the state, we invite you to use the mobile-friendly CalChamber grassroots website at impact-california.com. It features easy-to-edit sample letters and tools to help CalChamber members and other interested parties tell lawmakers how policy proposals will affect California employers. Sign up to be notified when your actions will have the greatest impact on discussions in the State Capitol.

Please share this agenda with your colleagues so together we can make sure that 2021 is a year when California steps up to the challenge of Transforming Crisis to Opportunity.