Letter to Reader

2020 Business Issues Guide

Letter to Reader

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Dear Reader:

The state’s continuing economic good fortune seems to guarantee ease in keeping the California Promise: Opportunity for All. But a number of signs point to a nagging question: Can Californians afford California?

The high cost of housing, the high cost of energy and the higher cost to do business here all create upward pressures on the cost of living in California. The California Chamber of Commerce offers solutions to address these issues in this annual Business Issues and Legislative Guide.

Keeping in mind that California companies must compete in a global marketplace, our policy recommendations include:

• Steps to moderate the supply-induced housing affordability squeeze and improve highway and transit capacity;

• Developing in-state energy sources to moderate rapid growth in energy costs;

• Maintaining fiscal discipline in anticipation of an eventual economic downturn;

To help CalChamber members and others interested in speaking out on solutions to the state’s complex challenges, we have launched an updated, mobile-friendly grassroots website at impact-california.com. It features easy-to-edit sample letters and tools to help you tell lawmakers how policy proposals will affect business in California. Please sign up to be notified when your actions will have the most impact on deliberations in Sacramento.

Your support and active involvement is essential. Please join us in making California a better place in which to live, work and do business.

Allan Zaremberg, CalChamber President and Chief Executive Officer