CalChamber Urges Immediate Action to Foster Economic Recovery

Letter Sent to Governor and Legislative Leadership Provides Specific Steps
to Speed Recovery from COVID-19 Crisis

The California Chamber of Commerce sent a letter to Governor Gavin Newsom and Assembly and Senate leadership this week, recommending they urgently take specific steps to foster the state’s economic recovery.

The letter urges policy makers to set liability limits for employers facing lawsuits over Covid-19 exposure, postpone the 2021 minimum wage hike, and expedite retraining programs for unemployed workers, among other things. According to the CalChamber, the steps outlined in the letter will help ensure that California’s economy is well positioned to recover as quickly as possible from the COVID-19 pandemic crisis.

The May 26 letter states that the Legislature needs to refrain from imposing any new burdens on employers and proactively eliminate or suspend costs and burdens so that employers can reopen and rehire the millions of workers who have lost their jobs.

According to the letter, fierce economic shocks have barraged employers large and small with unprecedented speed, destabilizing thousands of workplaces and erasing millions of jobs. Some industries, such as hospitality and other public-facing businesses, have suffered more than others. Low wage and often low-skilled workers that work in these industries have also been impacted, even more so, and their jobs will not reappear until their employers are again healthy. This will require affirmative efforts by elected state leaders to reduce employer costs to offset their loss of economic production, the CalChamber stated in the letter.

Details on CalChamber’s proposals, can be found here:


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