CalChamber Tags AB 1000 As a Job Killer; Creates De Facto Ban of Warehouses

SACRAMENTO, CA – The California Chamber of Commerce today announced that it has added AB 1000 (Reyes; D-San Bernardino) to the 2023 Job Killer list. AB 1000 proposes a statewide setback of 1,000 feet from “sensitive receptors” for all new or expanded logistics use facilities 100,000 square feet or larger in California.

“AB 1000 is a job killer because it will lead to the elimination of high paying jobs, quash critically needed housing associated with mixed use developments, increase vehicle miles traveled for heavy duty vehicles coming to and from California ports, and incentivize frivolous litigation with a new private right of action in California law,” said Adam Regele, CalChamber Vice President for Advocacy. “The bill threatens to severely disrupt already fragile supply chain issues and substantially increase the cost of goods movement. The practical effect of AB 1000 becoming law is increased costs for every Californian.”

According to a letter sent to the author, there are over 1.6 million trade-related jobs in Southern California alone directly associated with California ports, and millions more California jobs in manufacturing, retail and wholesale trade, construction, transportation and warehousing sectors that rely on a healthy goods movement. AB 1000’s de facto ban on logistics use facilities will undermine California’s ability to remain competitive, especially as the state already struggles to find adequate off-docking facilities to move goods from the port.

Also concerning is the threat of new litigation outlined in AB 1000. Said Regele, “AB 1000 creates a new avenue for litigation which would enrich trial attorneys, slow projects and drive-up development costs. At the same time, such a threat will shut down the willingness of investors to expand their businesses and workforce in California.”

A copy of the letter can be found here.

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