Cybersecurity Training Now Available

The rise in digital crime is astounding: At the current growth rate, cyberattacks will cost businesses about $10.5 trillion annually by 2025 — an increase of 300% from 2015, according to a McKinsey & Company report. But one of the best ways for employers to guard themselves against cybersecurity is to train employees on how to keep systems secure. To help employers, CalChamber is proud to offer “The Road to Cybersecurity” — an interactive, computer-based training designed to enhance understanding and awareness of cybersecurity practices.

Cybersecurity attacks can have significant and long-term consequences for all businesses. Not only do such attacks cost businesses in both time and money, they also could potentially result in a credit-rating downgrade, leading to higher borrowing costs. And it’s not just large corporations at risk — small and midsize businesses also are attractive targets, as they have information cybercriminals want without the same level of security infrastructure as larger businesses.

“Employees and their work-related communications are a leading cause of data breaches for small businesses because they are direct pathways into your systems,” the Small Business Administration states on its website. “Training employees on basic internet usage best practices can go a long way in preventing cyberattacks.”

And that’s exactly what “The Road to Cybersecurity” aims to do — this course will educate your employees on steps they can take to reduce the risk of cyber-attacks through exploratory exercises, evaluations and real-world scenarios. Topics like password hygiene, physical security (tailgating, shoulder-surfing), social engineering (phishing, smishing, vishing), safe web browsing, mobile security (VPN, social media) and incident reporting are covered. Upon completion of the online course, participants will have a foundational understanding of identifying, preventing and reporting cybersecurity issues.

CalChamber’s cybersecurity training is designed for individuals and employees at all levels who want to enhance their cybersecurity awareness and skills. It also teaches how to recognize and report cybersecurity incidents.

The course is approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour in length but has no time limits, and companies will have the option to upload any accompanying documents related to their own cybersecurity protocols. Users will have the ability to print a certificate of completion at the end of the course.

By completing this course, participants will be better equipped to protect themselves and their organizations from cyber threats and breaches.

To purchase “The Road to Cybersecurity,” visit the CalChamber Store. CalChamber members at the Preferred level and above receive a 20% discount. Quantity discounts are available.