CalChamber Statement on Passage of Climate Change Proposal

California Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Jennifer Barrera today issued the following statement in response to AB 2133 (Quirk; D-Hayward) failing passage and SB 1137 (Lena Gonzalez; D-Long Beach) moving to Governor Gavin Newsom’s desk for signature:

“CalChamber supports climate change laws and regulations that are cost-effective, technology-neutral and promote the use of market-based strategies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. It is extremely disheartening that in the final days of the legislative session, lawmakers introduced two job killing climate change proposals with very little opportunity for public debate or scrutiny.

“We are relieved AB 2133 failed passage and grateful to the legislators who voted no on the measure. It is clear this measure would have been detrimental to our economy. The bill threatened the state with excessive costs that would have hurt both California residents and businesses.

“SB 1137 was passed by lawmakers over the objections of a large and diverse coalition of Californians. This policy will not not only kill an estimated 8,000 jobs in the state, it will drive oil production out of California and force us to rely on even more foreign oil imports that are produced in locations with less environmental and human rights protections than California. We are tremendously concerned about the fact that SB 1137 threatens the state with up to $4 billion in lost revenue and poses a significant risk of legal liability under the takings clause of the U.S. Constitution.”

Both AB 2133 and SB 1137 are on CalChamber’s 2022 Job Killer list.

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