2017 Board Chair: CalChamber Membership Helps Businesses Thrive

A California Chamber of Commerce video featuring 2017 Board Chair Susan Corrales-Diaz was released last week at the 92nd Annual Sacramento Host Breakfast.  The video highlights the ways CalChamber promotes a healthy business climate and assists its members through compliance training programs and effective advocacy.

Corrales-Diaz is president and CEO of Systems Integrated, a California company providing innovative technology solutions to municipal service providers, government and private industry around the world.

“There is nothing as effective as having a large group of people give the input on these policies,” says Corrales-Diaz of her CalChamber membership.

In addition, CalChamber’s employment training programs keep businesses up to date and in compliance with various tax and regulatory policies and how they affect California employers.

“This is extremely important so that not just the heads of the company understand what the rules are, but that the employees understand what the rules are and their rights are also,” says Corrales-Diaz.

“It’s easier for California small business to have a voice when you’re working through a group of people that are seasoned, experienced. There’s no way I could have my own lobbyist to do the kinds of work the Chamber does,” says Corrales-Diaz.

CalChamber President and CEO Allan Zaremberg sums up the crucial work CalChamber does for its business members.

“…to make sure that a business has the opportunity to thrive, we protect the opportunity to be an entrepreneur, to be an innovator. As long as those businesses stay here, peoples’ lives will be better…”

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