CalChamber Webinar Guides Employers Through Drugs, Alcohol Workplace Policies

California law recognizes the legitimate need to implement and enforce a drug- and alcohol-free workplace and authorizes employers to do so. However, California also imposes limitations on how employers may enforce drug- and alcohol-free workplace policies.

Next month, the California Chamber of Commerce is presenting a webinar that guides employers through the rules surrounding the implementation and enforcement of a drug- and alcohol-free workplace policy, providing real-world, practical examples to help employers confidently and legally protect their workplace from drug and alcohol use.

Webinar Details

The “Under the Influence—Drugs and Alcohol at Work” webinar will be held on Thursday, March 21, from 10 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. PT.

CalChamber employment law experts will discuss:

  • Creating and implementing an alcohol- and drug-free workplace policy;
  • Conducting pre-employment drug screenings;
  • Conducting drug and alcohol screenings on current employees;
  • Special considerations for cannabis use;
  • Handling reasonable accommodation and leave requests related to rehabilitation; and
  • Discipline for drug and alcohol use, including last chance agreements.

Participants will be able to submit questions during the live webinar. Downloadable webinar slides/supplemental material and a recording of the live event will be provided.

To register, click here.