Two Local Chamber Leaders Join CalChamber Board

Monica Lal

In December, the California Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors updated the organization’s bylaws to add two new seats specifically for local chamber CEOs, reflecting a strategic move to deepen CalChamber engagement with California’s diverse business communities.

This expansion aims to ensure that the unique perspectives and challenges of local chambers, and the small businesses they represent, are directly incorporated into state-level advocacy and decision-making.

The CalChamber is pleased to announce that the CalChamber Executive Committee has appointed Nicholas Adcock, leading the Greater Riverside Chambers of Commerce, and Monica Lal, at the helm of the Monterey Peninsula Chamber of Commerce, to these positions.

Adcock’s role in the Inland Empire, a region critical for California’s economic growth, and Lal’s leadership in an area represented by a key state legislator, position them as vital links between CalChamber’s advocacy efforts and local business interests.

Nicholas Adcock

“I’m honored to join the CalChamber Board, representing the vibrant business community of the Inland Southern California,” said Adcock. “This role presents an incredible opportunity to bridge local business needs with statewide advocacy, ensuring the unique challenges and opportunities of our region are addressed at the highest levels.”

“Monterey’s economy is unique, relying on tourism, agriculture, military, and our higher education facilities to drive growth,” said Lal. “I look forward to bringing the perspective of the Monterey Peninsula’s business community to the forefront, advocating for policies that support growth and sustainability.”

The appointment of Adcock and Lal are set to strengthen CalChamber connections across California, enhancing the organization’s ability to represent and advocate for the vast network of local chambers and the small businesses they support. By bringing their regional insights and leadership experiences to the CalChamber Board, Adcock and Lal will play crucial roles in ensuring that the voices of local chambers are heard on matters affecting the state’s business environment.

“The addition of Nicholas Adcock and Monica Lal to our Board strengthens CalChamber’s connection with local chambers across California,” said CalChamber President and CEO Jennifer Barrera. “Their insights will be invaluable in our efforts to ensure that the diverse voices of our statewide business community are represented in our advocacy work, especially the critical perspectives of small businesses.”

Staff Contact: Nick Ortiz

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