CalChamber to Participate in California Consumer Privacy Act Rulemaking Workshop Today

California Chamber of Commerce policy advocate Sarah Boot will be participating in a California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) rulemaking workshop that is being hosted by the state Attorney General’s Office today in Sacramento.

California Consumer Privacy Act

At the end of the 2017–18 legislative session, California passed the CCPA, which is a sweeping privacy law that applies to businesses of all sizes across almost every industry. It was rushed through the legislative process in the summer of 2018 without the benefit of input from numerous crucial stakeholders. As a result, the law is deeply flawed. Many of the CCPA’s provisions are unworkable in practice or will result in numerous unintended consequences. At the end of the 2018 session, the Governor signed SB 1121, a bill fixing a handful of the CCPA’s problems. However, many more fixes are needed before this law goes into effect on January 1, 2020.

California has the opportunity to lead the country on this issue and produce model legislation on consumer privacy that works for both consumers and businesses.

Boot will be representing a CalChamber-led coalition consisting of hundreds of stakeholders, including businesses, companies, local chambers, and trade associations that appreciate and understand the need and desire for consumer privacy. The CCPA unfortunately has multiple flaws that undermine consumer privacy as well as employee protections.

This is the fifth of seven statewide forums in advance of the formal rulemaking process for stakeholders to provide feedback early in the process.

CalChamber Position

CalChamber will continue to push for crucial legislative changes to fix the CCPA in 2019, and also will be involved in the Attorney General’s rulemaking process to ensure that business efforts to implement and comply with the CCPA can be as efficient and safe as possible.

Next Steps

CalChamber will submit written comments before the end of the informal period, which is early March.  CalChamber will submit more written comments during the formal period as well.

The Attorney General’s Office has indicated the formal rulemaking period will likely take place in the fall.

CalChamber Coalition

Businesses interested in joining the CalChamber-led coalition should contact Sarah Boot:

Staff Contact: Sarah Boot