Tank Tops and Flip Flops — Summer Dress Codes

Summer is here! The weather is getting hotter, and while some employees fight over the office temperature, others may angle for a more casual dress code.

How does your company feel about tank tops and flip-flops?

Every workplace differs. Do your employees need to wear professional business attire every workday? Or is your environment more casual?

In the last five years, jeans, tennis shoes and leggings have become more acceptable to wear to work while tanks tops, cold shoulder tops and shorts have become less acceptable, according to a recent OfficeTeam survey of HR managers.

No hard and fast rules exist. Each company needs to think about its goals when it comes to employee dress, such as:

  • Portraying a positive company image;
  • Industry standards;
  • Company culture;
  • Employee morale; or
  • Safety.

The key is communication and consistent enforcement of your company’s policies.

Forty-four percent of senior managers have talked to an employee about their inappropriate attire, and 32 percent have sent workers home based on their attire.

“While many organizations have relaxed their dress codes, especially for warmer months, employees shouldn’t assume casual attire or the latest fashion trends are OK for the office,” said Brandi Britton, a district president for OfficeTeam, in a press release. “It’s always a good idea to follow company policies and observe what colleagues in more senior positions typically wear.”

Keep in mind — when enforcing any dress code standard, you must reasonably accommodate an employee’s religious dress and grooming practices. You must also allow an employee to appear or dress consistently with his or her gender identity or expression.

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Staff Contact: Katie Culliton

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