CalChamber Identifies 13th Job Creator Bill

Contact: Denise Davis

SACRAMENTO, CA — The California Chamber of Commerce has identified a new job creator bill, bringing the current list to 13 bills. The latest bill will be considered by the Senate Business, Professions and Economic Development Committee today.

SB 1228 (Runner; R-Antelope Valley) aims to provide small businesses with relief from California’s complex regulatory scheme.

The bill provides small businesses with the opportunity to comply with regulations without facing devastating administrative enforcement actions and penalties.

It requires state agencies to help small businesses with newly adopted regulations and create policies to reduce or eliminate penalties against small businesses that have tried to comply in good faith. Courts are allowed the discretion necessary to grant small employers equitable relief from an unduly burdensome administrative decision.

CalChamber has deemed the bill a job creator because it helps small businesses navigate the regulations in California so that they can comply and grow their business, without facing costly enforcement actions for inadvertent mistakes.

In its letter to Senate Business, Professions and Economic Development, the CalChamber points out: “The growth of small businesses in California is a key component to maintaining a strong economy. SB 1228 will help ensure such growth by providing small businesses with the tools and resources needed to comply with California’s regulations.”

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