CalChamber Reports

CalChamber Reports

Issues and The Economy

2022 Business Issues and Legislative Guide

Annual guide provides overviews of CalChamber policy priorities for the year and the data to support our positions. The CalChamber sends this guide to our members every year. Print and electronic formats. (February 2022)

2021 Major Victories (pdf)

Each year, the CalChamber tracks about 3,000 proposals on behalf of California employers, fighting ill-conceived bills and promoting cost-saving reforms. Past Reports

Economic Outlook Report – June 2022

Quarterly report to the CalChamber Board spotlights factors affecting the state’s economy, such as interest rates, the housing market, energy prices and water supply. Past Reports

CalChamber Survey: California Voters Cite Roads, Jobs, Housing as Top Concerns (PowerPoint Slideshow)

The November 2016 CalChamber Survey indicates that the state’s voters believe there are some homegrown issues that deserve the attention of California legislators. Among the top priorities for voters are fixing transportation systems, improving job creation, and addressing high housing costs.

Cost of Doing Business in California

Reviews currently available studies to assess how California’s cost of doing business compares to other states, incorporating costs of labor, energy, litigation and taxes. (August 2014)

Transitioning from the Gasoline Tax to a Fee on Vehicle Miles Traveled

The transition from the gas tax to a user-fee based on miles driven has been a topic of debate for the past 30 years. This report synthesizes academic research and survey data collected regarding transportation funding and specifically analyzes the implementation of a vehicle miles traveled (VMT) program in California. (May 2014)

Cybersecurity in the Golden State

The CalChamber joined with Attorney General Kamala D. Harris in releasing a guide outlining recommendations for California businesses to help protect against and respond to the increasing threat of malware, data breaches and other cyber risks. (February 2014)

The Consumer Impact of California’s Green Chemistry Initiative (October 2012)

Human Trafficking/Slavery Eradication Disclosure (February 2011)

Overview of requirements in the California Transparency in Supply Chains Act, SB 657 (Steinberg; D-Sacramento), enacted in 2010.

California Business Executives Rank Importance of Education High, But Find Quality is Low

The first survey of its kind, put forth by the California Foundation for Commerce and Education (CFCE), highlighting education reform as a top public policy concern among California business. (March 12, 2007)

California Legislature

Legislator Vote Record

(November 5, 2021) Gives the CalChamber’s position on a bill and how each legislator voted. Reports are published once a year, focusing on bills that were of high priority. The information allows businesses to measure their legislators’ performance.

Status Report on Major Business Bills (10/15/2021)

The report lists the status of priority bills at three specific points in the legislative year: at the start of summer recess; when legislators adjourn for the year; and when the Governor completes action on bills.

Job Creator Bills

The 2019 list of bills the CalChamber has identified as having a positive impact on California’s economy and ability to attract new jobs and employers.

Job Killer Bills

The 2021 list of bills the CalChamber has identified as having an adverse impact on California’s economy and ability to attract new jobs and employers

Pictorial Roster

Pictorial roster of the California Legislature and statewide officers includes telephone numbers.

Legislative Guide

Information on the legislative process, how to write a letter and contacting legislators and press.


California Congressional Delegation

Pictorial roster of California representatives in Congress.