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The California Chamber of Commerce is the voice of California business, expert at speaking for pro-job policies and advising employers on how state laws and regulations will affect the workplace. The following is a brief recap of how CalChamber advocacy helps employers.

2023 CalChamber Major Victories

CalChamber Advocacy

We track more than 3,000 legislative proposals every year, sounding the alarm when a bill will hurt employers and the economy, and working to win support for legislation that will help the jobs climate.

Policymakers listen to CalChamber advocates, knowing that we speak for more than 13,000 member businesses employing a fourth of the state’s private workforce and reflecting the diversity of the California business community.

Further emphasizing our message are the thousands of individuals who use Impact California, our web-based grassroots center, to make their views known to their elected representatives. Each year, these businesspeople send an average of 200,000 letters about state and federal issues affecting business operations.

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