Legal Affairs Staff

Erika Frank

Erika Frank – Executive Vice President, Legal Affairs, and General Counsel

The Legal Affairs Department is headed by Executive Vice President and General Counsel Erika Frank. Through their active involvement on the front lines of California’s legal and labor law compliance scene, Frank and her team are first to know when and how changes in law affect employers.The California Chamber of Commerce expanded the Legal Affairs Department in 2011 to strengthen its ability to represent the business perspective in court battles.



Heather Wallace

Heather Wallace – Associate General Counsel

Joining the CalChamber in November 2011 as associate general counsel was Heather Wallace, a seasoned litigator with experience on employment law, health care, intellectual property and more.

Wallace came to the CalChamber from the Managed Risk Medical Insurance Board (MRMIB), where she was senior staff counsel, providing legal advice on the Healthy Families Program, the Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan and the Major Risk Medical Insurance Program.



Erika Pickles

Erika Pickles – Employment Law Counsel/HR Adviser

Erika Pickles joined CalChamber in 2015 as employment law counsel/HR adviser.

Pickles contributes to CalChamber’s labor law and human resources compliance products, co-produces and presents seminars and webinars, and assists CalChamber members as an HR adviser on the Labor Law Helpline.



Bianca N. Saad – Employment Law Subject Matter Expert

Bianca N. Saad joined the CalChamber in April 2018 as an employment law subject matter expert.

She oversees CalChamber coverage of the ever-expanding area of labor-related local ordinances and serves as a co-presenter for CalChamber compliance seminars and webinars.


Legal Affairs

The Legal Affairs Department reviews and participates in court cases having a broad impact on California’s economy and business climate.

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Erika Frank
Executive Vice President, Legal Affairs,
and General Counsel