CalChamber, Water Coalition Affirm Support of Delta Conveyance Project

On the heels of last week’s release of the final Environmental Impact Report (EIR) on the Governor’s Delta Conveyance Project (DCP), organizations representing thousands of social justice leaders, business and labor groups, water agencies and family farmers sent a letter to California Governor Gavin Newsom voicing their strong support for moving this project forward as quickly as possible.

These groups say that updating California’s aging water infrastructure through the DCP is critical to protecting water security for two-thirds of Californians. The proposed project has been refined, redesigned and rerouted as a result of public input and the Governor’s 2019 direction.

In the letter sent to the Governor, the groups encouraged local water agencies and elected officials to support the DCP.

“This project is essential to complete an ‘all of the above’ water infrastructure strategy necessary to ensure Californians have a reliable and affordable supply of water as we prepare for the worsening impacts of climate change and extreme weather,” the letter states. “There is no greater priority than ensuring a reliable water supply for the people of California—it is essential for our health, homes, livelihood and economy.”

Recent polling conducted by the Californians for Water Security (CWS) coalition found that 76% of voters across all regions, political parties and major demographics are highly supportive of the Delta Conveyance Project, including:

  • 80% support in Southern California;
  • 73% support in the Bay Area;
  • 78% support in San Diego;
  • 74% support in Central Coast/Central Valley;
  • 79% support in the Inland Empire;
  • Nearly two-thirds of Northern California voters.

In addition to the California Chamber of Commerce, letter signatories include:

  • American Council of Engineering Companies – CA;
  • Associated General Contractors of California;
  • Bay Area Council;
  • Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce;
  • California Alliance for Jobs;
  • California Building Industry Association;
  • California Business Properties Association;
  • California Hawaii Conference NAACP;
  • California State Council of Laborers;
  • Garden Grove Chamber of Commerce;
  • Gateway Chambers Alliance;
  • Inland Action.

About Californians for Water Security

CWS is a growing coalition of more than 12,000 California citizens and more than 80 organizations representing business leaders, labor, family farmers, local governments, water experts, infrastructure groups, taxpayer associations, and others who support the plan to fix California’s broken water distribution system.

The coalition is waging an active advertising, grassroots lobbying, social media and public advocacy campaign to support this important project to fix our aging water distribution infrastructure and improve water reliability and security throughout the state.

For more information on Californians for Water Security, visit:

Staff Contact: Brenda Bass