California Voters Reject Tax on Rich for More Electric Cars

No On Prop 30California’s wealthiest residents won’t see a tax increase after voters rejected a measure Tuesday that would have boosted rates on incomes above $2 million to help put more electric cars on the roads.

Proposition 30′s defeat marks a win for Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom, who campaigned against it despite his administration’s moves to ban the sale of most new gas-powered cars next decade. He branded it a taxpayer-funded giveaway to rideshare companies, which under California regulations must ensure nearly all trips booked through their services are zero-emission by 2030. The rideshare company Lyft supplied most of the “yes” campaign’s funding.

“California voters decisively rejected this poorly crafted and unnecessary tax hike,” the “no” campaign said in a statement. “The fact is Proposition 30 was a solution to an issue the state is already addressing.”

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