Action Alert Tool Helps You Contact Your Legislator, Voice Opinions on Pending Legislation

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The current legislative session is coming to a close and it is crucial that members in the business community let their state lawmakers know what impact pending legislation will have on everyday activities.

It is vital that legislators hear from the job creators in their districts.

“The best lobbyists are a legislator’s constituents,” California Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Allan Zaremberg said. “Because they know more about their issue than anybody else in California.”

The CalChamber is making it easier than ever to contact legislators through new advocacy software that helps users send letters to representatives, and connect with legislators via phone and Twitter.

The new software is just the first of many new resources coming to the CalChamber Grassroots program. The program is set to relaunch as Impact California in January 2020.

To stay up-to-date on legislation, be notified when new action alerts are uploaded, and gain insight on legislative news and resources, sign up for Action Alerts at

How to Contact Your Representative

Contacting a legislator is easy. Simply:

• Head to the Action Alerts web page and select the bill on which you would like to express support or opposition.
• Enter the required location information so that the system can determine which representative to contact, and then send the message!
• Repeat the same steps above for tweeting a legislator and calling a legislator through your personal phone.

Once the message has been sent, you can share it through email or social media.