Three Housing and Land Use Bills Await Action by Legislators

California legislators can either hurt or help housing availability and affordability depending on how they vote on the following three bills.

Affordable Housing Barriers

The California Chamber of Commerce opposes the following two job killer bills:

  • AB 2502(Mullin; D-South San Francisco/Chiu; D-San Francisco) Erodes Housing Affordability — Increases the cost and reduces the supply of housing by authorizing local governments as condition of development to impose a costly and inflexible price-controlled inclusionary housing requirement and, in doing so, legislatively repeals an established court decision upholding developers’ ability to set initial rental rates for new dwelling units. Assembly Floor.
  • SB 1318(Wolk; D-Davis) Erodes Housing Affordability — Inappropriately leverages necessary affordable housing in order to solve  infrastructure issues with the consequence that the housing won’t be built by imposing requirements on water or waste water districts to serve certain communities first.

Improves Housing Climate

CalChamber supports AB 1934 (Santiago; D-Los Angeles) because it will make housing more affordable by allowing local governments to grant a density bonus to commercial developers who partner with affordable housing developers to construct mixed-use projects. The bill is on the Assembly Floor.

Tomorrow, June 3, is the deadline by which bills must pass the house in which they were introduced.

Valerie Nera specializes in advocacy on agriculture, water, resources, crime, and banking and finance issues for the CalChamber. She joined the CalChamber staff in 1978 as a legislative assistant on agricultural issues. She also has lobbied air, environmental and privacy issues for the CalChamber. She earned a B.A. with honors from the University of California, Berkeley, and a J.D. from the McGeorge School of Law, University of the Pacific. See full bio.