California has numerous labor and employment regulations that far exceed those mandated at the federal level. A clear example of this is California’s multiple protected leaves of absences available to employees. Related Business Issue:  Labor and Employment


Protect employers’ rights to organize, direct and manage their companies’ employees in an efficient, safe and productive manner.

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Clarifying Leave Requirements. Sponsored legislation signed into law in 2011 to clarify the requirements of paid bone marrow and/or organ donation leave, to provide employers with certainty as to how this leave should be implemented (SB 272).


California already has an extensive list of protected leaves of absences available to employees for a wide range of personal needs. Although such leaves do not address every potential personal situation that may arise, this does not mean that additional, statutory protected leaves of absences are necessary in California.Rather, the CalChamber believes that such individual issues are more appropriately addressed between an employer and employee, taking into consideration the needs of the employee and the business needs of the employer. California employers already struggle with existing protected leaves of absences that they must provide employees, despite business demands. In this current economic climate, California simply cannot continue to burden employers (especially small employers with a limited workforce) with additional, mandatory leaves of absences that the employer must accommodate regardless of its existing business needs. Additional leave requirements may impede private sector growth, which ultimately will harm California’s economy.

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