CalChamber Staff

Executive Leadership

Directing the policies adopted by the California Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors is an experienced executive staff led by Allan Zaremberg, president and chief executive officer.

Allan Zaremberg
President and Chief Executive Officer

Dave Kilby
Executive Vice President, Corporate Affairs

Larry Dicke
Executive Vice President, Finance, and Chief Financial Officer

Erika Frank
Executive Vice President, Legal Affairs, and General Counsel

Jeanne Cain
Executive Vice President, Policy

Martin R. Wilson
Executive Vice President, Public Affairs

Executive Team

Collectively, the CalChamber executive leadership brings to its assignment a depth and breadth of knowledge from decades of experience at upper levels of management in the public and private sectors.

Ann Amioka
Vice President, Communications

Drew Savage
Vice President, Corporate Relations

Susanne Thorsen Stirling
Vice President, International Affairs

Russell Lahodny
Vice President, Local Chamber Relations

Denise Davis
Vice President, Media Relations and External Affairs

Karen Olson
Vice President, Marketing

Policy Advocates

The CalChamber public policy team is led by Jeanne Cain, executive vice president, policy.

Jennifer Barrera
Senior Policy Advocate ( Legal)

Laura E. Curtis
Labor and Employment, Workers’ Compensation, Elections/Fair Political Practices

Marti Fisher
Policy Advocate (Unemployment Insurance, Immigration, Occupational Safety, Tourism)

Kevin McKinley
Policy Advocate (Privacy/Technology, Telecommunications, Economic Development, Taxation)

Amy Mmagu
Policy Advocate (Climate Change, Energy, Environmental Regulation, Transportation and Infrastructure)

Valerie Nera
Policy Advocate (Agriculture, Water, Resources, Crime, Banking and Finance)

Karen Sarkissian
Policy Advocate (Health Care, Education)

Cathy Mesch
Grassroots Coordinator/Local Chamber Program Director

Policy Support Staff

Legal Affairs

The Legal Affairs Department is headed by Erika Frank, executive vice president, legal affairs, and general counsel. Through their active involvement, Frank and her team are first to know when and how changes in law affect employers.

Heather Wallace
Associate General Counsel

Gail Cecchettini Whaley
Senior Employment Law Counsel

Erika Pickles
Employment Law Counsel/HR Adviser

Virginia K. Young
Employment Law Counsel

Labor Law Helpline

Our HR advisers are highly qualified and experienced professionals who support California employers on labor, employment and human resources issues.