For decades, the CalChamber has effectively built support around pro-business legislation and initiatives. Our members trust us to pave the way for a healthy business environment. We do this through our powerful issue coalitions, letter writing and ballot initiative campaigns. Add your voice by joining our grassroots efforts today.

Get Involved



An important part of the CalChamber’s efforts to improve California’s business climate is educating legislators and voters through the media. Would you be willing to tell your business’s story on specific policy issues of your choosing, with the help of the CalChamber’s media relations staff? Email us 

Climate Change and Energy

California has embarked on an ambitious effort to implement AB 32, The Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006. This far-reaching bill requires the California Air Resources Board to develop a cap on carbon emissions. The regulations will have a direct impact on electricity generation, oil, cement and landfills, all in which could result in increased costs to you. As the largest business advocate, the CalChamber is taking a very active role in the implementation process. We are advocating sound solutions to minimize the effects of climate change and assisting the Air Resources Board in developing new ways by which the state can reduce its carbon footprint at the least possible cost to California industries. Email us 

Education: Strategic Partnerships

Businesses and public schools in California have formed a wide range of public-private partnerships, varying in size and function. As the voice of the business community, the CalChamber is well-positioned to be a clearing house on information about successful partnerships. To share the challenges/opportunities you have experienced, email us.

Workers’ Compensation

The CalChamber-supported workers’ compensation reforms fundamentally changed many of the failed areas within the workers’ compensation system. These reforms resulted in significant savings for all employers. The CalChamber is responding to these threats by increasing its involvement in workers’ compensation cases and intervening in important cases on behalf of California employers. To learn more about the CalChamber’s involvement, or if you are willing to alert the CalChamber to any legal challenges you are facing in workers’ compensation, email us.