Yes on Proposition 2

Vote Yes on Proposition 2: Funds Stable Housing for Individuals with Mental Illness.

Proposition 2 is a revenue bond that spends only revenue generated from Proposition 63 (2004), which provides for a 1% tax on income above $1 million (an estimated $2.23 billion in the fiscal year 2018–2019). This measure would authorize the state to use the revenue generated from Proposition 63 (2004) on $2 billion in revenue bonds to address the homelessness crisis in California for those suffering from mental health issues. There would be no additional taxes and no additional spending from the General Fund as a result of this bond.

The CalChamber Board voted to support Proposition 2 because the measure improves the economy by helping the homeless reintegrate and reduces public health care costs.

Proposition 2 builds housing and keeps mental health services in reach for people. More than 134,000 Californians are homeless. It is estimated that as many as a third of the people living in these unsafe conditions are living with an untreated mental illness.

If passed by voters, Proposition 2 will result in the construction of 20,000 permanent supportive housing units. This allows coordination of mental health and substance use services, medical care, case managers, education and job training to help people get the treatment and housing stability they need.

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