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Lawyers Work OT on Lawsuits
The business community, in general, has opposed PAGA from the outset, said Jennifer Barrera, a California Chamber of Commerce policy advocate for labor and employment issues. “Certainly California is unique with its labor code requirement anyways, but PAGA itself is detrimental to businesses,” she said. “For our members, one of the most consistent complaints is PAGA.”(Los Angeles Business Journal 11/10/14)

California Businesses Benefit from Election Day Outcomes
Allan Zaremberg, president of the California Chamber of Commerce, said that much like the inevitability of death and taxes, “in California we can talk about droughts and economic downturns.” Allan Zaremberg, president of the 13,000-member California Chamber of Commerce, hailed the outcome of the four ballot measures and said he was particularly heartened by the state’s commitment to saving water and money. “These are crucial investments in the future,” he said, “because the only things that are certain in California are droughts and recessions.” (Los Angeles Times 11/09/14)

California Enacts Changes to State Rainy Day Fund
Allan Zaremberg, president of the California Chamber of Commerce, said that much like the inevitability of death and taxes, “in California we can talk about droughts and economic downturns.” “We get shortages of water and shortages of government revenues for necessary programs,” Zaremberg told The Associated Press in a phone interview. (The Associated Press 11/05/14)

Proposition 2 Will Prevent Boom-and-Bust California Budgets
Boom-and-bust revenues have led the Legislature to expand ongoing programs with one-time revenues. When the inevitable economic downturn hits, those programs are cut – and enormous pressure builds to raise taxes. Fortunately on Nov. 4, California voters can reboot the budget process by approving Proposition 2. (Allan Zaremberg in The Sacramento Bee 10/10/14)​

Make It Easier to Start a Business in California
Commissioned by the California Foundation for Commerce and Education – a branch of the state Chamber of Commerce – the study has found, plainly put, that it’s too costly to do business in California. (The Orange County Register 08/28/14)

‘Job Killer’ Wage Recovery Bill Fails in California Senate
The failure of Assembly Bill 2416 demonstrated the power of the California Chamber of Commerce, which had labeled the measure a “job killer.” (The Sacramento Bee 08/28/14)

Lawmaker Revives Bill to Tax Companies for High CEO Pay
The California Chamber of Commerce is pushing its members to kill the bill, arguing that the law would effectively produce the opposite effect by encouraging “publicly traded companies and financial institutions to leave California,” CalChamber staff wore in an online memo. (Sacramento Business Journal 08/25/14)

CalChamber Is a Successful Bill Killer
The California Chamber of Commerce is remarkably successful at killing bills it views as anti-business, Dan says. (The Sacramento Bee 08/18/14)

State Sen. Mark ​Stone’s Wage Theft Recovery Bill Heads to Senate Floor
Chamber CEO Allan Zaremberg said in a video on YouTube that the bill is “about harassing employers, putting them out of business, and, inappropriately, without due process, putting a lien on a business, making it impossible to sell their inventory or pay their employees.” (Monterey Herald 08/15/14)

Many Issues Unresolved as Legislative Session Enters Final Month
Whether done publicly or clandestinely, as the Legislature reconvenes this week for the final four weeks of the 2012-14 session, there are many pending issues: The four bills still alive from the state Chamber of Commerce’s 27-bill “job killer” list, since all others have died or been stalled or neutralized. (Dan Walters in The Sacramento Bee 08/04/14)

2014 CFO of the Year – Nonprofit/public agency: Larry Dicke, executive vice president/CFO, California Chamber of Commerce​
Larry Dicke loves to tell his employees at the California Chamber of Commerce that Cash is King. (Sacramento Business Journal, 08/01/14)

In Mexico, a ‘New Jerry Brown’ Comes Around to Free Trade
In his third term – and with the state’s largest trading partner – Brown has become what the California Chamber of Commerce called several times this week its chief ambassador on trade. The California Chamber of Commerce, he said, “is doing pretty good” on its own. In Mexico this week, Allan Zaremberg, president and CEO of the California Chamber of Commerce, praised a governor he said “has made international trade and jobs – and the growth of our economic expansion dependent on trade – one of his priorities.” (The Sacramento Bee  07/30/14)​

Viewpoints: School Bond Needed to Ensure Student Success, Improve State Economic Outlook
California’s job climate depends on an educated workforce and, as such, investment in our schools is a critical component of creating a strong economic future for our state. (Allan Zaremberg and David W. Gordon in The Sacramento Bee 07/27/14)

Governor Heading South on 4-Day Trade Mission​
Allan Zaremberg, president of the California Chamber of Commerce, said that Mexico is California’s largest export partner. (KCRA 07/23/04)

Governor To Address CalChamber Before Mexico Trade Trip
Gov. Jerry Brown will discuss trade opportunities between California and Mexico at a California Chamber of Commerce luncheon Wednesday. (Sacramento Business Journal 07/22/14)

Property Tax Post: New York, California Wrestle With Who Should Bear Property Tax Burden​
The California Chamber of Commerce, a business advocacy group, opposed the bill as a “job killer” measure that would allow nonuniform, targeted taxes against unpopular taxpayers.” (Bloomberg BNA 07/09/14)

Workers’ Comp ‘Fixes’ Will Result in More Litigation​
Workers’ compensation costs directed toward timely treatment and benefits for on-the-job injuries is money well spent. On the other hand, unnecessary system costs take money away from employers who would otherwise grow their business and invest in their employees. (Jeanne Cain in The Sacramento Bee 07/08/14)

​Small Businesses Get Another Year to Comply with ACA
The California Chamber of Commerce, Small Business California and the California Restaurant Association also backed the bill, along with State Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones, who called its signing “a victory for all California small businesses.”  (Southern California Public Radio 07/07/14)​

When It Comes to Temps, Who’s the Boss?

Call it the “Who’s the Boss” phenomenon: The business models of many major US companies depend on workers who are legally employed by someone else…The California Chamber of Commerce calls it a “job killer.” Jennifer Barrera, a policy advocate for the Chamber, argues it represents a “significant expansion of liability – and unfair, because the business may or may not be able to control or prevent these violations from occurring.” (Businessweek 06/24/14)

Kill Switch’ Gives Life To Unseen Problems
“If consumers can turn mobile devices into ‘bricks,’ so can hackers,” explained the California Chamber of Commerce and various technology companies, in a letter to Leno opposing the bill. “As the L.A. Times has suggested, any technology that is mandated widely across the nation may be at a greater risk of security breaches and attacks. This represents a particularly troublesome threat when you consider the use of smartphones by government entities.”  (U-T ​San Diego 06/18/14)

Temporary Workers, Paid Sick Days, Back Wages Lead California Labor Priorities
Paid sick days. Tougher penalties for employers who withhold back wages. More liability for corporations that use subcontractors…“… all three bills are broad mandates on all business in California that will significantly increase California employers’ costs, the threat of litigation and the health of our economy,” said Jennifer Barrera, a lobbyist for the California Chamber of Commerce. (The Modesto Bee 06/18/14)

California GOP Can Only Watch as Democrats Control Spending
“Is it good to have a budget adopted by one party versus bipartisan involvement in crafting the budget?” asked Allan Zaremberg, president of the California Chamber of Commerce. “I think we’ll have to evaluate that in a few years when we’ve had more experience with it.” (San Francisco Chronicle 06/17/14)

Most Bills on Chamber’s ‘Job Killer’ List Have Been Killed
Halfway through the annual legislative process, scarcely a third of the bills given the “job killer” epithet by the California Chamber of Commerce are still alive. (The Sacramento Bee 06/02/14)

Bill Lets Employees Place Liens for Unpaid Wages
The bill attracted strong opposition from business groups, including the California Chamber of Commerce, which warned that employees would be able to place liens without bringing forward evidence of actual wage theft. (The Associated Press 05/28/14)​

Groups Pour $20 Million into TV, Print Ads for California Primary
“It seems to be much more intense this year,” said Martin Wilson, vice president of public affairs at the California Chamber of Commerce, noting that after the 2014 elections, the Legislature will be dominated by lawmakers who can serve up to 12 years in a single house. Los Angeles Times (Los Angeles Times 05/27/14)​

Gov. Brown To Chamber Of Commerce: ‘California Is Definitely Back’
Gov. Jerry Brown presented a robust defense of his record over the last three-and-a-half years during a speech to California business leaders Wednesday, promoting his efforts with education, pension reform, workers’ compensation, criminal justice and the economy. “California is not sitting on its laurels. We’re building,” the Democratic governor told about 1,300 guests during an annual California Chamber of Commerce breakfast. “I don’t want to sugarcoat our liabilities or our diversity or disagreements. There are plenty. But still, this is an incredible place in which to live.” (Associated Press 05/21/14)

Capitol Alert: Jerry Brown Calls California ‘Job Creation Engine’
Gov. Jerry Brown said Wednesday that California is a “job creation engine,” defending his administration’s handling of the economy and state budget in a forceful election year speech. “California is definitely back,” Brown told about 1,300 people at the California Chamber of Commerce’s annual Host Breakfast in Sacramento. (The Sacramento Bee CapitolAlert 05/21/14)

Fresno Business Owner Wins CalChamber Award
Scott Miller, owner of Gazebo Gardens Nursery in Fresno, was awarded by the California Chamber of Commerce for his advocacy on behalf of businesses. (Fresno Business Journal 05/20/14)

Dem Duels Echo an Old Conflict
Each year, the California Chamber of Commerce publishes a list of several dozen bills it calls “job killers,” targeting them for defeat or severe amendment. (Dan Walters in The Sacramento Bee 05/19/14)

Two Assembly Democrats Announce Plan to Close Proposition 13 Loophole
An unlikely duo of Democratic Assembly members — one a business-friendly moderate, the other a stalwart of the far left — will unveil a proposal Tuesday to close one of most notorious, and legal, tax loopholes associated with Proposition 13. “When real property truly has a change of ownership, it should be reassessed in accordance with Prop 13 and these amendments will bring clarity and certainty to commercial real estate transactions and ensure compliance with Prop 13,” Allan Zaremberg, president and chief executive of the chamber, said in a statement. (Los Angeles Times 05/13/14)

New Law Supports Job Creation in California’s Space Industry
Recently, Gov. Jerry Brown signed AB 777, by Assemblyman Al Muratsuchi, D-Torrance, a bill that will help ensure that California creates a competitive environment and jobs within the emerging multibillion dollar space travel and supply industry. (Allan Zaremberg in the Los Angeles News Group 05/10/14)

Editorial: More ‘Job-Killer’ Bill
Jobs and economic growth continue to be the public’s clarion call, but you wouldn’t know it by looking at the legislation being pushed in Sacramento. The California Chamber of Commerce has released its annual list of job-killing legislation, which includes 15 bills from this year and 11 holdover bills from 2013. (The Orange County Register 04/28/14)

Civics and Business: Business Relies on Population Educated in Democracy
Why should business leaders and innovators care about civics education? After all, consumers don’t need to be voters to engage in the economy. A worker’s aptitude for the job won’t be measured by knowledge of the Constitution. (Allan Zaremberg in the San Jose Mercury News 04/26/14)

Governor Calls Special Session on Rainy-Day Funds
“Adopting an effective rainy-day reserve should be the state’s top fiscal policy,” Allan Zaremberg, chief executive of the California Chamber of Commerce, said in a statement. “California’s budget crises were caused by the Legislature spending one-time revenues for ongoing programs. A solid reserve requirement will remove the California budget from the fiscal roller coaster.” (Associated Press 04/16/14)

Chamber of Commerce Targets ‘Job Killer’ Bills
“The economic recovery is still the No. 1 issue for Californians,” said Allan Zaremberg, the chamber president. “These bills pose a serious threat to our economy and, if enacted, would dampen job growth.” (Los Angeles Times 04/13/14)

California Chamber Targets 26 Bills as ‘Job Killers’
The list is about a third shorter than those of the past, but inclusion of a measure is more than a symbolic gesture. The chamber, often in concert with other business groups, has been remarkably successful in past years in getting nearly all bills with that label either killed in the Legislature, significantly watered down or vetoed. (The Sacramento Bee CapitolAlert 04/09/14)

State Chamber Lists Job-Killer Bills
The bills, which range from a paid sick-leave mandate to an oil extraction tax, would each place excessive burdens on businesses in the state, the chamber said. (Los Angeles Business Journal 03/09/14)

California Oil Extraction Tax a Bad Idea
We must make protecting California jobs, the state’s fragile economy and our way of life top priorities. An oil extraction tax will drive up consumer prices, push jobs away and upset a fragile economy that is showing strong signs of life. (Allan Zaremberg in the San Francisco Chronicle 03/11/14)

Long-Serving Cal State University Trustee Dies
Hauck used his experience in the public and private sector as a platform to promote better public policy, said California Chamber of Commerce President and Chief Executive Allan Zaremberg, a friend and close associate of Hauck’s for many years. “He had a passion to improve and make government work better for everybody,” Zaremberg said. “No place was that more evident than his dedication to improving the California Sate University system and have it deliver the best product and best value for students.” (Los Angeles Times 03/11/14)

2014 Looking Tough For Employers: Calif. Chamber GC
California employers are facing an increasingly complex legal and regulatory environment that adds to their compliance burden and raises the likelihood that they will, at some point, face litigation, the California Chamber of Commerce’s general counsel told Law360 in an interview Monday. (Law360 03/04/14)

How Businesses Can Defend Against Cyber Risks
“Prevention is the best medicine. Not only does the guide provide useful information to reduce the threat of cybercrime, it highlights the need to be proactive in preventing data breaches. This is good for California businesses and consumers,” Allan Zaremberg, CEO of the California Chamber of Commerce, said in the news release. The Chamber helped produce the report. (Sacramento Business Journal 02/27/14)

State Sen. Evans Proposes Oil Extraction Tax for California
“We just raised California taxes by $7 billion a year for seven years. We now have a projected $5-billion surplus,” Zaremberg said in a statement. “To create a new tax on oil only extracted in California will drive up the price of California oil, which constitutes about 40% of the California gasoline market. “ (Los Angeles Times 02/19/14)

Hong Kong Trade Commissioner Makes Sacramento Pitch
Hong Kong has become “an ideal showroom for…American companies to raise the profile of their goods to an increasingly affluent and brand-conscience Mainland middle-class,” said Leung during a luncheon hosted jointly by the California Chamber of Commerce and San Francisco’s Hong Kong trade office. (Sacramento Business Journal 02/17/14)

Justice Delayed: The High Cost of Court Cuts
Delays affect both employees and employers, said Allan Zaremberg, president and CEO of the California Chamber of Commerce. (Sacramento Business Journal 01/17/14)

Obama Names L.A.’s Maria Contreras-Sweet to Head SBA
(Los Angeles Times 01/15/14)