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Trade Overview

Two-way trade in goods between the United States and Turkey was over $21 billion in 2020. Turkey is the United States’ 27th largest export destination with $10 billion in exports. Top exports from the United States to Turkey include transportation equipment, chemicals, waste and scrap, and oil and gas. Imports from Turkey into the U.S. totaled $11 billion in 2020. Top imports into the United States from Turkey include transportation equipment, textile mills products, primary metals, and nonmetallic mineral products.  U.S. Department of Commerce​

Turkey is California’s 29th largest export destination. In 2020, California exported over $725.4 million to Turkey. Top exports included agricultural products, computer and electronic products, transportation equipment, and non-electrical machinery. California imported $854.7 million from Turkey in 2020. Top imports were food manufactures, textile mill products, nonmetallic mineral products, and apparel manufacturing products. U.S. Department of Commerce

US FDI in Turkey in 2019 totaled $3.3 billion, while Turkish FDI in the US was $2.34 billion. In 2018, Turkish FDI supported between 2,500 and 5,000 jobs.  The top industry sectors for Turkish FDI are: metals, chemicals, consumer products, software and IT services, business services, and transportation. (Select USA)

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