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Trade Overview

Egypt spans the northeast corner of Africa and is considered a Mediterranean country. Egypt is considered a cradle of civilization, as it’s able to trace its history back longer than any other country. Islam is the official religion of Egypt and Arabic the official language, although there is a significant Christian minority in the country. The population of Egypt is 97.55 million, making it the most populous country in North Africa, the Middle East, and the Arab world, and the third most populous in Africa. The Sahara Desert makes up large regions of Egyptian land

Egyptian GDP was $235.4 billion in 2017. It’s economy is the second largest in Africa and one of the largest and most diversified in the Middle East.

U.S.-Egypt Trade

U.S. exports to Egypt in 2018 totaled $5 billion. 32% of the total constituted $1.6 billion worth of agricultural products, while 12% and 8.6% represented $605 million of chemicals and $436 million of transportation equipment, respectively.

The U.S.’s imports from Egypt were $2.48 billion, 33.8% of which was made up by apparel manufacturing products which totaled $837 million. This was followed by oil and gas and petroleum and coal products which made 18.5% and 14.7% of the total.(U.S. Department of Commerce).

California-Egypt Trade

California exports to Egypt totaled $197 million in 2018. Transportation equipment made up $54million and 27.6% of the total, followed  by agricultural products with $44.9 million and 22.8% of the total. Computer and electronic products also made up 14% and $27.5 million.

Imports from Egypt to California totaled $159 million in 2018. 72.2% of which was apparel manufacturing products which totaled $115 million. The next largest was textile mill products making up 6.2% of the total and $9.8 million.(U.S. Department of Commerce).

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