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Interview Series with California’s Key Trading Partners – Featuring Consul General of the Netherlands in San Francisco, Dirk Janssen –  Innovative Spirit, Digital Connections Help Transition to Resilient Economic Future
CalChamber, January 15, 2021

Trade Overview

The Netherlands has a population of 17.53 million citizens and GDP of $1.01 trillion as of 2021. The Netherlands, literally meaning “low countries” with its capital in Amsterdam, has one of the largest ports in Europe – Rotterdam – and is the home to The Hague, the seat of the Dutch government, parliament and the Supreme Court. Most foreign embassies and international organizations such as the International Court of Justice and the International Criminal Court are also housed in The Hague.

The United States greatly values its strong economic and commercial ties with The Netherlands as it has no significant trade or investment barriers. The Netherlands is a receptive market for U.S. exports and an important investment partner. The Netherlands is the seventh fastest growing source of FDI in the United States, supporting an estimated 550,000 jobs, and the seventh largest importer of U.S. goods with a value of $72.89 billion in 2022. The Netherlands participates in the Visa Waiver Program, which allows nationals of participating countries to travel to the United States for certain business or tourism purposes for stays of 90 days or less without obtaining a visa.

The Netherlands and the United States have been friends for over four hundred years, based on a shared history and beliefs in freedom, democracy and justice. Strong economic ties between the Netherlands and the United States support 825,000 American jobs, with more than 130,000 in the thirteen westernmost states.

2022 California Exports by Country - Top 10In 2022, exports to the Netherlands totaled $73.2 billion. Oil and gas made up $18 billion followed by chemicals at $15.38 billion, computer and electronic products at $9.7 billion, and miscellaneous manufactured commodities at $6.69 billion. In exchange the United States imported $34.5 billion from Netherlands in 2022.  This included chemicals ($9.5 billion), reimports ($6.98 billion), petroleum and coal products ($4.4 billion), and non-electrical machinery ($3.5 billion).

Netherlands imported $6.5 billion worth of goods making it California’s 7th largest export destination in 2022. These California exports included computer and electronic products ($2.3 billion), miscellaneous manufactured commodities ($1.1 billion), chemicals ($945 million), and non-electrical machinery ($468 million). California imported approximately $1.86 billion in 2022 from the Netherlands. The majority of imports were re-imports ($298 million), non-electrical machinery ($259 million), petroleum and coal products ($190 million, transportation equipment ($183 million), and agricultural products ($155 million).

Foreign direct investment from the United States to the Netherlands totaled $885.3 billion in 2021 and conversely the investment from The Netherlands to the United States was $251.23 billion. Netherlands FDI supported 569,300 jobs in the US, invested $5.0 billion into research and development, and another $38.6 billion into expanding US exports. The top industry sectors for FDI into the US are software and IT services, business services, industrial equipment, chemicals, food and beverages, and financial services. Select USA

In California, the Netherlands became the twelfth largest source of FDI through foreign-owned enterprises (FOEs) in 2022. Dutch FOEs provided 15,786 jobs through 654 firms amounting to $1.43 billion in wages. The top jobs by sector are: retail trade, manufacturing, professional/business services, wholesale trade, and information (World Trade Center Los Angeles FDI Report).

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California - Netherlands Relations

California – Netherlands Relations

The Netherlands, California to sign $21M Electric Vehicle & Smart Mobility Agreement
The Bay Area Air Quality Management District hosted the Government of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to celebrate the signing of the agreement which confirms a $21 million commitment to support electric vehicle technology and smart mobility policy development. This agreement creates a California/Dutch Business Fund which will contribute to economic development and job growth in both California and the Netherlands.

NL in the USA, January 9, 2017

California, Netherlands Province Sign Agreement to Collaborate on Innovative Transportation Energy Projects
The California Energy Commission and the Province of Noord-Holland of the Netherlands signed an agreement on the innovation of transportation technology projects and for the reduction of greenhouse gasses by 2050. “This is an exciting partnership with our friends in the Netherlands who, like California, are leading the way in transportation energy policy and technology innovations that are helping to meet our shared climate and clean air goals,” said Janea A. Scott, lead commissioner on transportation for the California Energy Commission.

Both California and the Netherlands, in particular the Province of Noord-Holland, are leaders in transportation technology in their continents.

Government of California, March 11, 2015

Scientist from the Netherlands to Join CDFA and UC Davis at Water Seminar
A group of scientist from the Wagenningen University in the Netherlands along with U.C. Davis and the California Department of Food and Agriculture Fertilizer
Research and Education Program teamed up for one-day seminar on water efficiency and water quality. Wageningen University in the Netherlands has a memorandum of understanding with U.C. Davis to collaborate on water issues.

California Department of Food and Agriculture, December 3, 2012

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Netherlands Looks Ahead to Post-Brexit World, CalChamber, December 11, 2018

(From left) Mark Jansen, Blue Diamond Growers, chair, CalChamber Council for International Trade (CCIT); CCIT member Susan Corrales-Diaz, Systems Integrated; Walter van der Weiden, Consulate General of the Netherlands; and Gerbert Kunst, Consul General of the Netherlands.

he Netherlands looks ahead to changing trade relations in Europe as the United Kingdom is leaving the European Union, the Dutch Consul General explained to a California Chamber of Commerce gathering last week.

Gerbert Kunst, Consul General at the Consulate General of the Netherlands in San Francisco, summarized for attendees at the CalChamber Council for International Trade breakfast on December 7 some of the consequences of the UK exit from the EU, including:

  • Brexit is anticipated to have a negative effect on the economy, as the Netherlands and the UK have historically strong trade relations. However, it also presents opportunities to Dutch businesses as they will have certain advantages over their UK competitors that will no longer be part of the EU.
  • The European Medicines Agency, comparable to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, will be relocating from London to Amsterdam in 2019, along with nearly 20,000 jobs.
  • Certain international companies in the UK  are considering moving to mainland Europe, and the European Banking Authority will be relocating from London to Paris.