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Jordan is a small country in the Middle East between Israel and Iraq. The capitol of Jordan is Amman. Jordan has a population of 11 million people and gross domestic product (GDP) of $45.7 billion. Though the World Bank classifies Jordan as an upper-middle income country, it has one of the smallest economies in the Middle East. Therefore, Jordan has retained a heavy reliance on foreign trade and assistance for resources and economic stability. For example, the United States had approximate $156 million of foreign direct investment flow into Jordan in 2020 (Bureau of Economic Analysis).

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In the early 2000’s, King Abdullah II of Jordan expanded foreign trade relationships to bolster Jordan’s economy. He began trade deal discussions and privatized state owned companies to attract investment. The United States and Jordan established a free trade agreement and it was put in full effect in 2010. The United States is one of Jordan’s top trading partners. The United States imported $3 billion worth of goods from Jordan in 2022. The largest category of imported goods from Jordan into the United States is apparel and accessories which totaled $1.9 billion. The US is also one of the largest exporters to Jordan. The United States exported $1.54 billion of products to Jordan; $349 million of which was transportation equipment, followed by $280 million of used or second hand merchandise. Other major exports to Jordan were oil and gas, agricultural products, and processed foods. US Department of Commerce

Jordan- California Trade

In the US, California is the largest exporter to Jordan. In 2022, California exported $279 million worth of products to Jordan. Agricultural products was the largest export category, making up $102 million of the total. Other key exports from California were transportation equipment and used or secondhand merch anise, which had a value of around $87 million and $41 million, respectively. US Department of Commerce

California imported around $228 million worth of goods from Jordan in 2022. The majority of those imports were apparel and accessories, which made up $138 million of the total. Other major imports from Jordan to California were miscellaneous manufactured goods and non-electrical machinery. US Department of Commerce.

Posting First Rise Since 2014, U.S. Exports to Arab World Grow 4 PErcent to $62.64 Billion in 2019
National U.S.-Arab Chamber of Commerce, February 9, 2020

U.S. Goods Exports to Arab Countries 2018 vs. 2019
National U.S.-Arab Chamber of Commerce, February 2020

Trade Agreements

Trade Agreements and Issues

The United States- Jordan Free Trade Agreement

The United States and Jordan have sustained a mutually beneficial trade relationship with the United States- Jordan Free Trade Agreement with its initial enactment in 2002 and full implementation by 2010. This agreement coincides with the Qualifying Industrial Zones established in 1996. Jordan, along with some other countries in the Middle East, are able to export products that were manufactured in their country into the US duty-free. The US-Jordan Free Trade Agreement has established intellectual property protection for both countries, reduced trade barriers for services, effective production protections for labor and the environment, and has made regulation more transparent across borders. Since the implementation, there has been major economic progression for the US and Jordan. For the US, the automobile exports to Jordan have risen by 1500%, corn exports have increased by 2300%, and TV and radio transmitters have increased by 500%.

US Middle East Free Trade Initiative 

USTR Jordan Free Trade Agreement