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Trade Overview

Since the reunification nearly 30 years ago, the German economy has grown steadily to become Europe’s largest economy, and the fifth largest in the world. Germany has a GDP of $3.9 trillion and a population of 82.9 million. CIA Factbook, World Bank

Germany holds the spot as the United States sixth top export destination, with exports steadily increasing over the past decade.

The United States exported $60.29 billion to Germany in 2019, with 30.9% being transportation equipment. This was followed by chemicals, computer/electronic products, and non-electrical machinery. Germany exported $127.46 billion to the US, with 24.1% transportation equipment, and 20.4% chemicals.

Leading California Export MarketsAs California’s eighth largest export destination, Germany imported $6.44 billion in goods. Top exports included computer/electronic products, chemicals, agricultural products, and transportation equipment. Imports from Germany into California totaled $11.3 billion in 2019. Transportation equipment made up over 50% of the total.  (US Department of Commerce)

Characteristics of Travellers from Germany to California
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Foreign Direct Investment

Ranking as the fourth largest investor in the United States, Germany plays an important role in the U.S. economy with more than 10 percent of all FDI in the country. Of the $4.3 trillion in total FDI stock recorded in 2018, Germany accounted for more than $474.4 billion. U.S. FDI into Germany totaled $140.3 billion in 2018. U.S. Department of Commerce, Bureau of Economic Analysis)

German FDI in the US supported 773,800 jobs and invested $8.6 billion into research and development. $41 billion went to expanding U.S. exports. The top industry sectors for German FDI in the US were: industrial equipment, auto components, software and IT services, food and beverages, transportation, and chemicals. Select USA

In California, the number five country for FDI through foreign-owned enterprises (FOEs) is Germany. German FOEs in California provide over 61,039 jobs through 1,535 firms amounting to $6.085 billion in wages. The top jobs by sector are: manufacturing, financial activities, wholesale trade, professional/business services, and information (World Trade Center Los Angeles FDI Report, May 2020).


The California Travel and Tourism Commission unveiled a German Web site to attract more German-speaking travelers to the Golden State. Visit California (Deutsch)

Approximately 427,000 German visitors came to California in 2016 spending approximately $813 million in California.

Hessen Slide Show

Hessen Slide Show

Hessen – one of Europe’s most successful and welcoming global business regions. For inspiring images of successful companies, continental Europe’s leading airport and financial center in Frankfurt, historical buildings, as well as some of the cultural events across Hessen, please view the link below:

Hessen Slide Show

Investors, business development executives, and government representatives at international trade fairs and events, are invited to preview Hessen’s major location advantages such as multicultural diversity, an outstanding and innovative business location for diverse industries and a unique landscape with high quality of life.

Darmstadt – Hessen’s Top ICT Location & Germany´s IT Security hub
Hessen Trade & Invest, August 2014

“Hessen has a remarkable track record when it comes to leading the way in the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Sector. Darmstadt was ranked 7th in a study European ICT Poles of Excellence (April 2014) by the European Commission. 34 European ICT locations were considered out of 1,300 European regions across 12 countries. Germany, not surprisingly, is in the forefront with 12 locations out of the 34 considered (UK trails with 7).”

“Darmstadt is one of the largest and fastest growing IT Security locations in Europe with over 200 scientists in the area of IT security.”



CalChamber Hosts Delegation from Germany
(July 13, 2009) CalChamber-hosted meeting with business and government officials from the state of Baden Württemberg in Germany are (from left): Dr. Hans-Dieter Frey, Ministry of Economics, Baden Württemberg; Acting Consul General Eberhard Brockmann, German Consulate General in San Francisco; Karlheinz Bechtle, Ministry of Economics, Baden Württemberg; Dr. Peter Kulitz, president, Ulm Chamber of Commerce; Dr. Dieter Salomon, mayor, City of Freiburg; The Honorable Ernst Pfister, minister, Ministry of Economics, Baden Württemberg; Dr. Bernd Dallmann, president, German Economic Developers Association; CalChamber President and Chief Executive OfficerAllan Zaremberg; Dr. Michael Hagenmeyer, chief executive officer, Baden Württemberg International; Susanne Stirling, CalChamber vice president, international affairs. Full Article
CalChamber Hosts German Minister of Foreign Affairs California Partners with CeBIT

(August 31, 2007) The California Chamber of Commerce hosted the Honorable Frank-Walter Steinmeier, Minister for Foreign Affairs of Germany yesterday, for an international luncheon to discuss climate and energy policy.

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(March 3, 2009) Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger pictured with German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Photo Courtesy Governor’s Office

California Business, State’s Leadership in Technology on Display at World’s Largest Technology Trade Fair