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Trade Overview

fiji_usa_ca_flagsFiji is an island country in the Pacific made up of 332 islands, 106 of which are inhabited. As one of the most developed Pacific island economies, Fiji has abundant forest, fish, and mineral resources and has a prosperous tourist industry. Fiji has been a member of the WTO since 1996 and a member of Gatt since 1993. Fiji has a population of approximately 924,610. In 2021, Fiji’s GDP was more than $4.3 billion. CIA Factbook, World Bank

Two-way trade between the United States and Fiji was approximately $351 million in 2022. The United States exported over $64 million to Fiji in 2022. Top exports in 2022 were made up of computer and electronic products which made up $13 million of the total, followed by transportation equipment, special classification provisions, and chemicals. Imports from Fiji were over $288 million in 2022, with the top categories being beverages and tobacco products, processed foods, agricultural products, and fish and marine products.

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Fiji – California Trade

In 2022, California was the largest state exporter to Fiji with approximately $28 million, making up over 43% of US exports.  Top exports were computer products which made up $9 million of the total followed by transportation equipment, chemicals, and non-electrical machinery. Imports from Fiji to California totaled $154 million in 2022. Processed foods made up $100 million of total imports, this was followed by beverages and tobacco, agricultural products, and fish and marine products. U.S. Department of Commerce