Shared Stories

Shared Stories

Daneen Ashworth – Murrieta

I am an HR Consultant and am seeing my clients step up to the plate. They have all wanted to make sure their employees are taken care of through this.

I have also seen one client in particular really switch. He owns a company that sells and services gym equipment to hotels. Since he also sells sanitation equipment as part of his services, he has flipped and made that the main focus of his business right now. He has not had to lay anyone off and is providing a valuable service. He is inspiring to me.

Walt – Sacramento County

I actively communicate with my representatives, but one interaction with a California state senator from San Diego several years ago sticks out in my mind more than others. Most often people contact the legislator that represents their home district; that is always suggested. However, you can contact those that are not your district representative.

Even though I live on the other side of the state, I wrote to this senator about an issue of concern to me and was pleasantly surprised when I not only got a response, but it was a handwritten note that they signed, explaining that they felt the same and would do what they could to support my issue. After that initial interaction, I wrote to them several more times over their tenure and always received a response from their staff or the senator personally.

This interaction was incredibly rewarding, and I encourage every citizen to make their voice heard and contact their representatives today.

Stories of Hope

At CalChamber’s Public Affairs Conference in Fall 2019, several legislators spoke about the importance of California business owners and employees sharing their personal stories with their representatives. By creating a relationship with those who represent you, and sharing your experience with business and legislation, legislators can then better advocate for your needs during the legislative session. Has there been an instance where you spoke to a legislator and felt heard or even enacted change? We want to hear about it! send your story to

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