Pro-Business Reforms from CalChamber-Led Campaigns

  • Protecting the voter-approved citizens redistricting commission (2012).
  • Clearly defining fees and taxes at the state and local levels so that governments can’t
    pass real taxes with a simple majority vote (2010).
  • Allowing all voters to choose any candidate regardless of the candidate’s or voter’s
    political party preference (2010).
  • Changing the process for redrawing political district boundaries to make politicians
    more accountable to voters (2008).
  • Ensuring further protection for transportation funding and strict accountability
    provisions in bond measures to fund infrastructure improvements for roads, education
    facilities, housing, levee protection and disaster preparedness (2008).
  • Reforming the state’s unfair competition law to stop unscrupulous lawsuits (2004).
  • Requiring gasoline sales tax be used solely for transportation (2002).
  • Providing tax relief and tort reform (early 1980s).

In 2014, CalChamber President and CEO Allan Zaremberg signed the ballot arguments
in support of a bipartisan measure approved by voters to put money in a constitutionally
protected reserve in good times so that the rainy day reserve can be used to protect
schools, public safety and other vital services in economic downturns