Daily Headlines for May 26, 2017

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Today’s Top Story

Job Killer Update: 2 Bills Stopped, 6 to Senate Floor
Two California Chamber of Commerce-opposed job killer bills were held yesterday in the Senate Appropriations Committee but five others were released to join a sixth that already awaits action by the entire Senate.

Public Affairs / Politics

Lawmakers Scrap Effort to Make It Easier to Pass Local Transportation Taxes
An effort to boost the chances of local ballot measures raising taxes for transportation needs was quietly killed Thursday in the state Capitol. Los Angeles Times

Where Bills Go to Die: Lawmakers Begin Clearing the ‘Suspense File’ with Hundreds of Measures in Limbo
From a sales tax exemption on tampons to healthcare rules and marijuana regulation, a massive stack of proposed laws faces a major deadline Friday morning at the state Capitol. Los Angeles Times

Gov. Jerry Brown’s Budget Team Drops Its Hotly Debated Plans to Redefine the State’s Spending Limit
With questions mounting about the legal justification for omitting some $22 billion in expenses from California’s long-standing spending cap, Gov. Jerry Brown’s administration dropped the plan Thursday while promising to work on the issue again later this year. Los Angeles Times

Human Resources / Health & Safety

No Funding Plan Doesn’t Stop Lawmakers from Moving Health Care Bill Along
A California Senate committee tasked with reviewing bills that spend state money passed a $400 billion universal health care proposal Thursday with no funding plan. The Sacramento Bee

Steps to Consider When Employee Leaves Behind Personal Belongings
My employee quit without notice and left behind in her office some framed family photos and a few large pieces of artwork. What should I do with these personal items? CalChamber Alert

Influx Of Elderly Patients Forces ER To Practice Comfort Care
As the nation’s elderly population swells, more older Americans are visiting the emergency room, which can be an overcrowded, disorienting and even traumatic place. California Healthline


U.S. Economy Grows at Tepid 1.2 Percent; Business Spending Softens
The U.S. economy slowed less than initially thought in the first quarter, but there are signs it could struggle to rebound sharply in the second quarter amid slowing business investment and moderate consumer spending. Reuters

What Trump Food Stamp Cuts Mean for California
Those families are now bracing for deep cuts to the decades-old federal program, popularly known as “food stamps,” as it faces a $193 billion – or 25 percent – chop over 10 years under President Donald Trump’s proposed federal budget. The Sacramento Bee

USC has $8 Billion Impact on State, Report Says
The University of Southern California generates about $8 billion in economic output and produces more than 42,000 jobs, according to a recent economic and social analysis. The Los Angeles Wave

Environmental / Agriculture

Trump Promised a ‘Big Beautiful Door’ in His Border Wall. California Farmers are Ready and Waiting
…More than 11,000 foreign guest workers like Betancourt were approved last year to harvest the lettuce, fruit and vegetables for California’s $47-billion agricultural industry — a fivefold increase from 2011, according to a Los Angeles Times analysis of U.S. Labor Department data. Los Angeles Times

Oregon, California Governors Seek Salmon Disaster Aid
Oregon Gov. Kate Brown and California Gov. Jerry Brown are seeking a federal disaster declaration to help salmon fishermen enduring a second bad year in a row. Associated Press in U.S. News and World Report

Sharks Show up Earlier Than Usual in Southern California This Year
Over the past few weeks, dozens of sharks have been spotted off popular beaches around San Clemente and San Onofre leading both residents and scientists to wonder: are there really more sharks this year? Forbes


World’s Major Economies to Come up $400 Trillion Short on Retirement Savings
Longer life spans and disappointing investment returns will help create a $400 trillion retirement-savings shortfall in about three decades, a figure more than five times the size of the global economy, according to a World Economic Forum report. Bloomberg

Trump and Other Leaders Clash on Trade, Climate at G7
Leaders from the world’s major industrialized nations began talks on Friday at a G7 summit in Sicily which is expected to expose deep divisions with U.S. President Donald Trump over trade and climate change. Reuters

‘Plant Factories’ Churn Out Clean Food in China’s Dirty Cities
Yang Qichang walks through his “plant factory” atop the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences in Beijing, inspecting trays of tomato vines that may help farmers slip the stranglehold that toxins have on China’s food supply. Bloomberg

Infrastructure / Education

Missing from President Trump’s Budget: Funds for California’s Earthquake Early Warning System
President Trump’s budget would eliminate federal funding for an earthquake early warning system being developed for California and the rest of the West Coast which, if enacted, probably would kill the long-planned effort. Los Angeles Times

California Answer to Coming Solar Eclipse: Unplug Appliances
California’s top utility regulator has a solution to the near-instant loss of 5.6 gigawatts of solar power production during the next solar eclipse: unplug your appliances. Bloomberg

State Board Rethinking How to Measure Performance of Alternative Schools
State law recognizes that schools primarily serving expelled students, dropouts and students who had trouble coping in traditional schools should be held accountable for academic performance – but by different measurements. EdSource

California’s Daunting Plan to Clean Up the Big Sur Landslide—And Stop the Next One
…Now Big Sur has a brand new coastline, and California has the unhappy task of cleaning up the mess. Wired Magazine


Jerry Brown Rightly Tags Anti-Tax Motorists as ‘Freeloaders’
Anyone who has driven in other states, including those in the much-poorer Deep South, can attest to our shameful, pothole-scarred roads. Roadways should be maintained with taxes and fees on those who use them. Dan Walters in The Sacramento Bee

How to Solve CA Problems? Why Obligate/Tax/Regulate Business, Of Course!
Lawmakers speak passionately about supporting workers. It’s business they expect to carry the load for much of the progressive agenda pushed in Sacramento. Yet, workers often suffer under programs that are designed to affect business. Joel Fox in Fox&Hounds Daily

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