Perumin – Extemin: Peru Mining Show
Sep 18 – Sep 22 all-day

Exhibit at the most Important mining event in Latin America!

Booth space and Catalog show available at the IMPACT Project Booth

  • Peru is a mining country and is growing at 3.5% annually!
  • PERUMIN has 1600 exhibitors, and 100,000 visitors that range from dealers and distributors to producers.
  • Meet international clients from Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Chile, China, France, Germany, Spain, United States, South Africa and UK

What you get when you exhibit with the IMPACT Project:

  • Exhibit space and Banner display booth at a subsidized cost.
  • Customized Exhibit Display with your name, tagline, photo and logo, all in Spanish.
  • Interpreter services available
  • Briefing by U.S. Embassy in Peru
  • Free Spanish Translation of up to 4 pages of marketing brochure.
  • Catalogue show option is available.
  • Apply for Travel grants available through SBA’s STEP grants at your State. Visit
ICC WCF 10th World Chambers Congress
Sep 19 – Sep 21 all-day

The ICC WCF 10th World Chambers Congress is the only international forum for chamber leaders and professionals to share best-practices, exchange insights, develop networks, address the latest business issues and learn about new areas of innovation from chambers around the world. The Congress is co-organized by the ICC World Chambers Federation and the Sydney Business Chamber and will be held in Sydney, Australia from 19-21 September 2017.

CalChamber is a partner for this event.

National DEC Export Symposium and Forum
Sep 27 all-day

On September 27, the U.S. Chamber will host the National District Export Council Fall Export Symposium and Forum. Open to the public, the gathering will provide an opportunity for exporters, export service providers, and state and local business leaders to discuss current policy developments with senior administration officials and congressional leaders.

Trade Mission to the Four Countries of the Pacific Alliance
Sep 27 – Oct 10 all-day

The Pacific Alliance is an initiative of regional integration comprised by Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru, officially established on April 28, 2011. Its objectives are:

Build in a participatory and consensual way an area of deep integration to move progressively towards the free movement of goods, services, resources and people.

Drive further growth, development and competitiveness of the economies of its members, focused on achieving greater well-being, overcoming socioeconomic inequality and promote the social inclusion of its inhabitants.

Become a platform of political articulation, economic and commercial integration and projection to the world, with emphasis on the Asia-Pacific region.

Program Objective:

Allow participants to learn about the different opportunities to do business, export/import/investment/tourism/construction/ in the four countries integrating the Pacific Alliance Countries (Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru)

Who should Attend:

Business interested in learning about opportunities in the four countries
Export/Import Companies

The Road to Digital Europe: GDPR and Privacy Shield Workshop
Sep 28 all-day

San Rafael:  9:45am – 12:00pm          Register

San Jose:  2:00pm – 4:30pm               Register

Beginning in May 2018, companies that collect, process, and/or store personal data from EU residents must comply with new EU data privacy legislation. Regardless of the company, the sector it operates in, or whether it actually sells anything in Europe, there will be new requirements and stiff fines imposed by European agencies in case of non-compliance.

What you’ll gain from attending:

Find out why the European Union is a key market for U.S. Businesses

Gain in-depth knowledge about GDPR requirements including:

  • Accountability & transparency
  • Security and privacy by default
  • Communication with your customers and business partners

Discover how GDPR can impact your business including:

  • What processes and tools should be put in place
  • How to start the compliance process
  • How to turn GDPR into a business advantage

Learn about the Privacy Shield Program and how to apply:

  • New Requirements under Privacy Shield
  • Application and Review Process
Panama Energy Roundtable
Sep 28 @ 8:30 am – 4:00 pm

Panama Energy Roundtable: The Role of LNG and Natural Gas

Panama has long been a key center for international commerce and trade while the country’s economy has consistently been one of the fastest growing in Central America. Since 2010, Panama has seen average GDP growth of just under 8% per year. With the recently inaugurated Panama Canal expansion and new set of locks, as well as the development of a major liquefied natural gas (LNG) and gas-fired electric generation project set to come on-line in 2018, the country’s economy and energy sector are at a critical juncture with regards to managing and optimizing the deployment of natural gas.

Panama’s impressive annual GDP growth has also brought a commensurate rise in energy demand and, more recently, serious strains on the system including blackouts that have rippled across the isthmus. The country has developed and unveiled a National Energy Plan 2015-2050 with important targets for renewable energy and natural gas in the coming years. But in the near term, much of policy debate is oriented around the viability of the country’s transmission system and infrastructure, as well as entry of natural gas into Panama’s energy mix and its purported transformational impact.

The evolution of the energy market in Panama on the back of natural gas engenders a series of questions as to the most appropriate governance of this new-to-Panama energy source, the most rationale framework to maximize the near-term LNG and electric generation project, but also broader opportunities in the country beyond the power market. Moreover, with the project Panama joins an ever-expanding list of countries that form the global LNG market which also has important geopolitical and commercial considerations.

The objective of this one-day executive roundtable is to foster dialogue between the government, private sector and civil society surrounding the nation’s energy outlook and opportunities and challenges for maintaining its economic boom in the most sustainable manner possible, but particularly against the backdrop of the arrival of LNG and natural gas for the country’s energy sector and economy more broadly.

The management of the arrival of natural gas in Panama will be a key critical discussion point with panels focused on the implications for the electric sector, industry, transportation, including bunkering for ships and the role of the Panama Canal. Contemplating natural gas developments in Panama at the regional level in Central America and the Caribbean and particularly vis-à-vis long-standing regional integration efforts and the evolving regional electric market (MER) will also be important elements for discussion.

Export Compliance Training Program
Sep 29 all-day

Join us for an export compliance practitioner’s course, which walks participants through all aspects of export compliance. This hands on workshop covers the nuts and bolts of exporting, including jurisdiction and classification, obtaining and managing authorizations, due diligence, technical information and the provision of services, choosing and using consultants and third parties, identifying and dealing with violations, and managing in house compliance.  Whether you are new to your role of dealing with export compliance at your company or need a refresher, this course will teach you the basics and keep you up to date on the latest in export compliance.

Three-session program: September 29, October 27 and December 1

Import Compliance Training Program
Oct 13 all-day

Join us for an Import Compliance practitioner’s course, which walks participants through all aspects of import compliance. This hands-on workshop covers the nuts and bolts of importing, including HTS classification, demonstrating reasonable care, Free Trade Agreements, C-TPAT, how to implement your own compliance program, and so much more. Whether you are new to your role of dealing with import compliance at your company, or need a refresher, this robust course will teach you the basics and keep you up to date on your responsibilities as an importer.

Three-session program:  October 13, November 17 and December 15

Sustainable Building and Construction Trade Mission to Mexico
Oct 16 – Oct 20 all-day

Take Advantages of This Trade Mission’s Unique Features:

  • We’ll facilitate your participation in exclusive meetings and networking events with potential buyers, distributors, and/or sales agents.
  • You’ll gain access to Expo CIHAC, Mexico’s best construction trade show.
  • We’ll provide you with in-depth market briefings as well as facilitate popular trade show marketing opportunities.
  • Also, there are options for B-2-B services, including a mission extension to Guadalajara for pre-arranged meetings with potential business partners.

Deadline to Apply: September 1, 2017

U.S. Trade Mission to Azerbaijan
Oct 16 – Oct 20 all-day

Expand Your Market in Two of the Untapped yet Growing Economies

Azerbaijan, with a GDP of $37.5 billion, is a country on the move with countless opportunities for business. Despite recent commodity-price drops, country’s long-term growth prospects continue to be bright due to its large oil and gas resources. In addition to oil and gas, Azerbaijan is intensifying its efforts to diversify its economy in some key sectors like agriculture, IT, infrastructure, transportation, and tourism. Additionally, chemical/petrochemical industry, food industry, aviation/aerospace, healthcare and pharmaceutical industry, banking and finance are other very promising sectors.

Georgia, with a GDP of 14.5 billion, has many trade agreements in place that provide opportunities for companies to access not only country’s 4.4 million residents, but the wider region without or with limited customs tariffs. Georgia’s being on the historical Silk Road also makes it an attractive transit country for transportation of goods between Europe and Central Asia. Georgian Government has identified energy, tourism, technology, manufacturing, logistics, agriculture and food processing as the key sectors for country’s economic growth.

October 16-18 – Azerbaijan
October 18-20 – Georgia

To register, email Susan Sadigova at the email address listed above.