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Inside the Capitol features hot legislative issues for the week along with CalChamber call to action requests on business legislation. To receive Inside the Capitol, sign up here.

HOT ISSUES for the Week of September 25, 2017

The CalChamber is urging members to contact the Governor and ask him to veto the following job killer bills:

Increased Labor Costs

OPPOSE AB 1209 (Gonzalez Fletcher; D-San Diego) JOB KILLER: Public Shaming of Employers —Imposes new data collection mandate on California employers to collect and report data to the Secretary of State regarding the difference in mean and median salaries of men and women in the same job title and job description, determine which employees perform “substantially similar” work, and then have that report posted on a publicly accessible website, where such employers will receive undue scrutiny and criticism for wage disparity that is not unlawful and justified by a bona fide factor. To Governor.

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OPPOSE SB 63 (Jackson; D-Santa Barbara) JOB KILLER: Imposes New Maternity and Paternity Leave Mandate — Unduly burdens and increases costs of small employers with as few as 20 employees by requiring 12 weeks of protected employee leave for child bonding and exposes them to the threat of costly litigation. To Governor.

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