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‘Job Killer’ List Frames Annual Battle
However, the cream of the crop – the measures that are the highest priorities of their sponsors – also tend to have the greatest economic effect on California’s business and employer community, a motivation for the latter to exert maximum effort to defeat or at least water them down to an acceptable level. The age-old conflict over such bills was formalized nearly two decades ago when the California Chamber of Commerce created its annual “job killer” list of bills it wanted to block. Each year, the chamber picks a couple of dozen bills for its hit list and over the years has been remarkably successful in blunting their potential effects, killing or neutralizing about 90 percent. (Dan Walters in CALmatters.org, 04/18/18)

California Bill Could Force Businesses To Submit Salary Data To State
A controversial new bill could soon force California businesses to submit their salary data to the state in an effort to achieve equal pay for women. “Our concern is that the information in 1284 won’t actually get the data they are looking for. It’s not an apples-to-apples comparison,” said Laura Curtis with the California Chamber of Commerce who spoke before the committee. (CBS 13, 04/17/18)

No More Job Killers; We Need Some Job Creators
Sadly, while most of us are busy working, raising families and trying to improve our lives, politicians in Sacramento can’t seem to help but introduce bills that put everyday Californians further behind. You don’t have time to track every bill that could jeopardize your job, but you will be affected by them. (Justin Salters in The Bakersfield Californian, 04/16/18)

California’s Most Powerful Business Group Plans to Kill These 21 Bills
The California Chamber of Commerce’s “job killer” list is back, highlighting 21 bills the state’s most powerful business coalition plans to slay in the Legislature this year. (The Sacramento Bee, 04/05/18)

State Chamber Lists 21 Bills as ‘Job Killers’
The California Chamber of Commerce released its annual initial list of 21 “job killer” bills on April 4. (Los Angeles Business Journal, 04/04/18)


California Would Be on Front Lines of US-China Trade War
With trade tensions between the two countries rising, China’s consul general in San Francisco, Luo Linquan, hosted a dinner for local business leaders Wednesday. He told them that China planned to further open its economy to foreign products and investment, said Susanne Stirling, vice president of international affairs for the California Chamber of Commerce, who attended the dinner. She, in turn, pressed him on the need for more openness and transparency from his government, she said. (San Francisco Chronicle, 03/23/18)

Ontario, California Businesses Push for NAFTA Renewal
In a show of cross-border business bonding, the Chambers of Commerce in both California and Ontario have come together to publicly support ongoing trade talks, stressing the “billions of dollars at stake” for the two jurisdictions. Ontario Star, 03/07/18)


California Chamber Doesn’t Condone Wage Theft
Mark Schacht’s recent op-ed on wage theft (“Let California’s workers recover stolen pay,” Viewpoints, Feb. 9) falsely portrays the California Chamber of Commerce. To be clear, CalChamber deplores wage theft and supports vigorous enforcement against dishonest companies. In fact, we supported the state labor commissioner’s efforts and statewide campaign to vigorously pursue wage theft and other labor code violations. (Jennifer Barrera in The Sacramento Bee, 02/16/18)


‘Extreme’ Rent Control Could be Coming to California Soon
The state Chamber of Commerce labeled a bill that also sought to repeal Costa-Hawkins a “job killer.” It died earlier this year in the Assembly, setting up the ballot box fight. “I expect it to qualify,” said Allan Zaremberg, the Chamber’s president and CEO. “We’re concerned about increases in the cost of housing and being able to keep people in California. The consequences of a strong economy and an inability to keep up with the demand for housing is a problem we need to solve, but we believe that rent control diminishes investment in housing opportunities. (The Sacramento Bee CapitolAlert, 01/31/18)


Why California Employers are Still Paying for Recession-Era Jobless Benefits
In 2012, California’s debt was three times the next-biggest state debt, said Marti Fisher, policy advocate for the California Chamber of Commerce. She traces the problem to late 2001 when the Legislature passed a bill to increase unemployment benefits (for the first time since 1992) without increasing taxes, changing eligibility requirements or making any changes to make the system more efficient. “The chamber was opposed at the time,” she said. “We said the fund is going to become insolvent.” (San Francisco Chronicle, 01/22/18)

California Assembly Bill Seeks to Reform Private Attorneys General Act
Attorneys who defend businesses against lawsuits filed under the Private Attorney Generals Act, or PAGA, are quick to argue that the law does not give employers a fair opportunity to correct alleged violations before having to fight off legal action.  “AB 281 creates a balance between protecting employees and their rights under the Labor Code while also protecting employers from financially devastating litigation over alleged minor violations,” the California Chamber of Commerce stated in a recent letter of support. (Sacramento Business Journal, 01/10/18)