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Leaves of Absence: Making Sense of It All – Oakland
Aug 10 all-day

Managing leaves of absence isn’t easy. Plenty of documentation and tracking are involved, which aren’t so simple when leaves are intermittent or when California and federal rules overlap.

Then there are California’s unique and rather complicated leave laws, such as paid sick leave. With all of the law’s intricacies, employers are clearly confused—and with good reason.

Join our employment law experts for this one-day intensive seminar as they address common and more difficult-to-resolve issues related to leaves of absence:

  • What benefits apply whether the leave is paid or unpaid
  • Eligibility requirements for various leaves
  • Required notices from the employee and the employer
  • What leaves require employers to continue benefits such as health care
  • When employers must pay an employee on a leave of absence
  • How different leaves interact with each other

Our experts speak specifically to state and federal laws regarding:

  • California paid sick leave
  • California and federal family and medical leave
  • (New mandate) Parental leave for employers with 20 to 49 employees
  • Leave as a reasonable accommodation for a disability
  • Pregnancy disability leave
  • Other leaves such as PTO, kin care, jury duty and USERRA

To avoid penalties or costly litigation, it’s essential to understand all required and optional leaves of absence, plus the differing California and federal legal requirements that apply to them. Makes sense.

HR Boot Camp – Sacramento
Aug 21 all-day

New to Human Resources or want a refresher? Build your HR muscle at this one-day, topic-packed seminar focused on the employment life cycle, from hiring through termination.

CalChamber’s employment law experts (your personal HR trainers) explain and provide compliance information for these core fundamentals:

  • Hiring, including I-9 verification and criminal background checks
  • Discipline and termination
  • Wage and hour; exempt and nonexempt classifications
  • Meal and rest break requirements
  • Leaves of absence basics, including paid sick leave
  • Discrimination and harassment prevention
  • Policies and best practices

Learn what you need to know and take away best practices to avoid common HR mistakes. Join us at HR Boot Camp.

Product Features

  • Comprehensive overview of the employment life cycle
  • Presented by CalChamber’s top employment law experts
  • Conversational, interactive instruction lets you ask questions throughout the seminar

This seminar offers guidance only and does not serve as or replace legal advice.

California Harassment Prevention Training – Pasadena
Sep 17 @ 8:30 am – 12:00 pm

Meet in person with our qualified trainers and meet California’s two-hour harassment prevention training requirement for California supervisors in companies with 50 or more employees. (AB 1825, AB 2053, SB 396)

Ideal for California supervisors, HR managers and business owners

Seminar Description

What’s considered sexual harassment by law is not always obvious. There are gray areas to watch out for, and in-person training allows group discussion and further clarification.

This interactive, expert-led seminar:

  • Debunks common myths about harassment in the workplace—e.g., that most sexual harassment complaints involve unwelcomed touching; or that employees do not report sexual harassment because they fear retaliation.
  • Trains attendees on workplace behaviors that are considered harassing conduct or may create or contribute to unlawful sexual harassment in the workplace.
  • Depicts real-life workplace scenarios through role-playing exercises.
  • Provides information to assist in preventing and effectively responding to sexual harassment complaints or other inappropriate conduct.
  • Satisfies California-mandated supervisor training for employers with 50 or more employees, providing practical examples of harassment in the workplace and ways employers can address and prevent future conduct and legal claims.
HR Checklist for California Supervisors
Sep 20 @ 10:00 am – 11:30 am

Webinar Description

Content for this webinar will be based on existing and recent employment laws and regulations pertaining to the topic. More details will be posted one month prior to the event.

Product Features

  • Presented by CalChamber’s top employment law experts
  • Ideal for anyone responsible for supervising employees in California
  • Mobile-optimized for viewing on tablets and smartphones
  • Ability to submit questions during the webinar
  • Downloadable webinar slides and a recording of the live webinar

This webinar offers information only and does not serve as or replace legal advice.