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Coffee and Proposition 65: Do You Take Cream and Cancer?

On April Fool’s day in 2013, two Florida disc jockeys faced felony charges after they pranked listeners by joking that “dihydrogen monoxide” was coming...
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Ripped from the headlines… BOTS

From the #MeToo movement and the Equifax data breach to allegations of Russia meddling in our elections we have seen a virtual tsunami of...
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Beating the Odds

You had a better chance of hitting 00 on the roulette wheel than killing a bill in the first house of the Legislature this...
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Look Out!!… It’s a Lobbyist Apocalypse

I am new to the lobbying world. It has been an exciting and eye opening transition from practicing law. One of the most unique...
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Cal/OSHA Demystified (sort of)

For most people, the inner workings of Cal/OSHA remain a mystery. I provide here a few insights of how an idea becomes a Cal/OSHA...
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Thirsty? Costs for Water May Continue to Rise

Joaquin Esquivel, a State Water Board Member, came over to the Chamber the other day to chat with us about the Low-Income Water Rate...
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The Suspense is Killing Me!

All of the policy committee hearings at the Capitol are basically done for the first house and now all attention focuses on the fiscal...
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Legislating is Hard When Up Against Reality

Take SB 826, a bill by Senator Jackson that would set a quota of women board members for publicly-traded corporations that are headquartered in...
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Environmental Groups on Styrofoam Containers: Ban or Bust

A number of California bills (SB 568; SB 705; SB 1335) have been introduced over the years targeting non-recyclable polystyrene single-use containers, commonly known...

Legislature stays the course, preferring market mechanisms for GHG goals – for now

Given the choice between a cost-effective market approach to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, and more expensive command-and-control regulations, the Legislature so far is...

Getting Hacked: Your Business Nightmare Could Turn Into a Trial Attorney’s Dream

Cyber crime is all over the news. Data breaches have become more prevalent as cyber criminals have become more sophisticated and aggressive. Even nation...

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CalChamber Releases 2018 Job Killer List

Launches Capitol Insider Blog The California Chamber of Commerce yesterday released its annual list of job killer bills and launched its new Capitol Insider Blog,...