Webinar: Business opportunities in Suriname

    March 26, 2020 @ 7:37 pm – 8:37 pm

    The United States is Suriname largest trading partner, accounting for almost 31% of Suriname total trade. The market has 598 thousand potential customers and $8.7 billion in GDP (purchasing power parity).
    Learn about business opportunities in Suriname

    Event Information
    • Suriname is a truly one of a kind place with unique market opportunities.
    • The United States remains one of Suriname’s principal trading partners. Suriname imported $388 million of U.S. goods in 2018.
    • Suriname emerging economy creates new possibilities for U.S. exports and investments as they rely heavily on imported consumer products.
    • Opportunities for U.S. exporters, service companies, and engineering firms will likely continue to expand over the next decade.

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