NorCal WTC’s Tequila Friday Networking

    November 13, 2020 @ 5:30 pm – 6:15 pm
    Diane Lydon
    (916) 447-9827

    Discover the history and Aztec legend of Tequila, learn how it’s produced, then network with peers over a new tequila cocktail. Join our host, the Consulate General of Mexico in Sacramento for Tequila Friday! Do not miss this chance to learn from a Tequila expert about Mexican culture and connect with others.

    We’ve planned an evening of culture and mixology with our host, the Consulate General of Mexico in Sacramento. Together, we’ll discover the Aztec legends and history of tequila. Our guest speaker, a third-generation tequila producer, will discuss the production and various types of tequila, showcasing the surprising variability in their coloring and flavor.

    We’ll end the evening learning how to mix up a special tequila cocktail with Chris Sinclair, co-owner of the Good Bottle Shop.

    We are honored to welcome as our guest Iliana Partida Rivera, a third-generation tequila producer. Iliana has 15 years of industry experience in production, export, and marketing. A Master Taster of TresAgaves products, Iliana will take us on a journey of history and production of tequila, as we taste and discover the Aztec spirit. Iliana will also discuss how tequila has become a popular export worldwide and the pride of Mexico.