Business H20 Water Innovation Summit

September 12, 2019 @ 8:00 am – 6:00 pm


About Business H2O: Water Innovation Summit This global summit will showcase innovative water technologies and best practices that support economic growth in the driest places in the world. Drawing lessons learned from economic success stories in water-starved areas, the conference will bring together American and Israeli business leaders, policymakers, and water industry stakeholders to develop practical solutions to the challenges of decreasing global water supply.

Showcase innovative water technologies and best practices in the following area:

  • Agriculture —providing water for agricultural land in the face of competing demands
  • Smart Cities—Sourcing, monitoring, treating, and delivering water to users in new ways to Water reuse—utilizing alternative water supplies to conserve resources
  • Water storage—increasing capacity, lengthening storage time, and reducing cost
  • Water utilities—developing new water grid systems to distribute water more efficiently
  • Promote investment in water technology, water infrastructure, and resource management, utilizing financing models such as public-private partnerships
  • Build ongoing Israel-Utah collaboration in water management and technology adoption
  • Share lessons for desert environments from Israel’s national water strategy

Why Utah and Israel?

Utah is one of the driest and fastest growing states in the U.S., and must find ways to provide water for a population that is projected to nearly double by 2060 while maintaining thriving industry and healthy rivers, lakes, wetlands, and aquifers. Currently Utah is working to develop new approaches that stretch limited water resources and improve water efficiency, technology, infrastructure, and policy.
Israel has overcome severe water shortages to become a leader in water management and R&D. By prioritizing water issues and treating water as a national strategic asset, Israel has developed innovative solutions for water conservation and its economy has prospered as its technology spreads around the world. Israel offers many lessons and innovative technologies that can help Utah navigate a world of water scarcity while finding new opportunities for economic growth.
Israel and Utah have uncanny similarities in environment and industry. They both have hypersaline lakes (the Dead Sea in Israel; the Great Salt Lake in Utah) and a surrounding desert setting, and they have business ecosystems that have flourished despite challenges in water supply. On the business side, they are home to thriving technology hubs—Silicon Slopes (Utah) and Startup Nation (Israel)—that bring similar water challenges. There is also a developing Utah-Israel commercial relationship with huge room for growth and many opportunities for collaboration. Together Utah and Israel can develop new strategies to improve water management globally in desert environments and around the world.